Baby health care

Baby skincare

Your baby’s skin is so soft and smooth and just delightful to touch. However, this also means that the skin is very sensitive and prone to bouts of the occasional irritating skin problem and when baby is irritated, chances are, so are you. A baby’s skin is very different from yours and needs to be treated in a different way; often doing less rather than more is the preferred option. Huggies can help you along by identifying and offering treatments for specific skin conditions as well as general baby skin health care tips and advice.

Baby massage

Baby massage can be enjoyable and therapeutic for both your baby and you. It can help soothe your baby when they are upset and gently ease them to sleep. Baby massage can also make your baby’s tummy work better. Studies have suggested that baby massage performed on premature babies can aid their development, accelerate growth and improve their general wellbeing. Whether your baby is perfectly healthy or slightly sickly, you should indulge your baby in this little luxury that can have untold health benefits for your little bundle of joy.

Baby reflux

Baby reflux happens when your baby ‘brings up’ food in their throat or mouth, so almost like a baby vomit (pun intended). Baby reflux is pretty common as your baby’s digestive system is not 100% developed yet, if fact almost 50% of babies suffer from some variety of baby reflux. Try not to worry, this is a minor hiccup in the early stages of your baby’s health care and generally your baby will grow out of baby reflux. Huggies has some simple treatments and management tips you can try.

Prevent tooth decay

Damaging acids form in your mouth every time you eat a sugary snack. So, the more times you eat sugary snacks during the day, the more often you feed bacteria the fuel they need to cause tooth decay.

Eating the right foods can help protect you from tooth decay and other diseases. There are lots of tasty, filling snacks that are less harmful to your teeth than foods loaded with sugars and low in nutritional value. Teach your kids to snack smart and opt for healthier snack foods.

Baby immunisation

Baby immunisation is one of the best ways to enhance your baby’s health by protecting your baby against some bad diseases. The more babies that are immunised, the more likely the chances that diseases like smallpox will be rubbed out forever. Baby immunisations work by providing your baby with disease fighting anti-bodies produced from a much weaker form of the very disease the vaccine is protecting your baby from. Without immunisations your baby may be susceptible to some seriously bad bugs like Polio or Hepatitis.