Immunisation advice

Why should I immunise my child?

The process of immunisation protects your child from some serious diseases that are in our community. By immunising against them, the likelihood of your child being affected by these diseases is dramatically reduced and if as a community we are vigilant, we may be able to eradicate these serious diseases just as happened with small pox.

Is immunisation compulsory?

No, it is not compulsory. It is however strongly advised that your child be immunised to prevent them from catching some serious diseases that are still around in our community.

Where should I go for my child’s immunisation?

You have a few choices. Your local Doctor, immunisation clinics, some hospitals and your local council. Ask your local childhood nurse for some information.

What is the “Maternity Immunisation Allowance” provided by the government?

The Maternity Immunisation Allowance is a payment made to mothers for children aged 18-24 months who are fully immunised. It is still possible to receive this payment if you have an approved exemption from immunisation. This allowance is given as a one off payment to families and the allowance is not income tested.

Visit the Australian Family Assistance Office for more information.

Is my Child Care Benefit affected by immunisation?

Yes, to be eligible for Child Care Benefit, your children must meet the immunisation requirements set out below. If they are under 7 years of age they must:

  • be fully immunised, or
  • current according to the Australian Standard Vaccination Schedule; or
  • on a catch up vaccination schedule, or
  • You must have an approved immunisation exemption for your child.

This does not apply to our Huggies mums in New Zealand.

What is an “Approved Exemption?”

An Approved Exemption is given when:

  • An immunisation provider completes a form stating that you have been properly informed about the benefits and risks associated with immunising your child and yet you still have a conscientious objection.
  • Providing a vaccine to your child would be harmful (this is very rare).
  • A vaccine is temporarily unavailable or a natural immunity exists.
  • You are a practising member of the Church of Christ Scientist and can provide some documentation to support this.

This does not apply to our Huggies mums in New Zealand.

Should I keep a record of my child’s immunisation?

Yes, you should take your child’s personal health book given to you shortly after birth along when having your child immunised and have this filled in. In addition, all children registered with Medicare will automatically have their immunisation details lodged with the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register. Even if you are not registered with Medicare you can still be added to the Register by an immunisation provider.

What is the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR)?

The Immunisation Register was set up in response to the decline in childhood immunisations and the increase in the number of reported cases of preventable diseases. It records details of all vaccinations given to children under the age of seven who live in Australia and can be used as a resource for parents to monitor their child’s immunisation status.

Medicare Australia Website

What if my child is sick when immunisation is due?

You should only delay immunisation if your child is very unwell, for example, has a fever of more than 38.5

For more information see Baby immunisation or Baby care

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