Baby sleep

Baby sleep routine

Developing a sleep routine for bubs is an important step in teaching your child to sleep independently. Establishing a bedtime routine will not only benefit your child, but also you and your partner. It is often a process of elimination by identifying the factors preventing bubs from sleeping well. It is good to know that sometimes even after you have attempted to eliminate all negative factors the behaviour and unsettledness your baby is experiencing is quite normal. See our tips on how to develop a regular sleep routine for bubs.

Baby sleep patterns

Discover why some babies have trouble sleeping and how developing a routine can help. Babies respond well to a familiar pattern of events, and sleeping in the same environment each night offers them a sense of security and comfort. The pattern of napping usually includes a morning, afternoon and early evening nap. All babies are different and as such there is quite a variation in the napping patterns of babies. See our guide to how much sleep your baby should be having as a reference.

Sleeping through the night

Although there is no definite time or stage of development for this to happen, it usually depends on the age of the child and what their usual nocturnal sleeping habits are. Most parents see a longer night time sleeping pattern developing from around 3 months onwards. By then, there is more structure around a baby’s daytime routines with shorter sleeps, more predictable feeding times and a longer, continuous sleep overnight.

Parents coping

We can feel frustrated and confused when hours of soothing and comforting don’t seem to make a big difference. A lack of sleep can often affect your ability to cope with the demands of being a parent. Remember you need to take the time to look after your own needs in order to be fit and healthy to look after bub’s. See our tips on how to better cope with the situation at hand.

Baby swaddling

Swaddling, or wrapping, can be very comforting and soothing to a young baby. Newborn babies often can startle themselves awake and swaddling prevents this from happening as much. There are many benefits to swaddling, but it is important that it be done correctly to make it a safe practice. Check out our step by step guide, find out the types of material suitable and the benefits baby swaddling offers parents.