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Postnatal Care

What happens to you after the birth of your baby has been the last thing on your mind. Your hormones and emotions change rapidly after birth and can affect how you feel. It’s a good idea to have more of an understanding of how your body is likely to react after the birth of your baby.
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Questions after giving birth
1. Will my period/menstrual flow change after giving birth?
Postnatal exercise
The last thing you’ll feel like just after birth is exercise – and in the following weeks, what with all that breastfeeding, settling, bleeding and recovering from childbirth, it’s hard to get motivated to do much else.
Hospital discharge
Your length of stay in hospital will depend on whether you have delivered by caesarean, or a vaginal delivery.
Postnatal Emotional Care
Postnatal support
After you have been home from the hospital for a few weeks you may feel like you would like to get back out into the real world.
Emotions after birth
After the lead up to, and euphoria of giving birth you can feel flat after the event.
Postnatal emotional health
We know that becoming a parent brings many big life adjustments, and for some the transition from pregnancy to parenthood will be easier for some than others for a whole range of reasons.

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