Baby lying on scales with mother smiling nearby and doctor holding feet

Baby Development

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Baby development month by month
Month 1
Welcoming your baby into your family has probably changed your life.
Month 2
The early weeks of parenting can be a very one sided affair, with lots of input and not much feedback from babies to let their parents know how they’re faring.
Month 3
The magic 3 month period has arrived and with it a whole new range of developmental changes for your baby.
Milestones and Behaviour
Baby Development
Watching your little one develop is an amazing and often highly entertaining experience, especially for first-time mums and dads.
First steps
From nine to eleven months, babies are in basic training for walking.
First words
While parents are understandably excited to hear their baby’s first words, psychologists say that words aren’t the only indication of language development.

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