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Changes to Huggies Nappies and Nappy Pants Range

We've recently made a number of changes to our Huggies range of nappies and nappy pants.

We have upgraded our Size 2 Infant Nappies to be exclusively ranged in Huggies Ultimate premium range. This means you can now get the additional benefits of our best care for skin and our softest and most breathable nappy at no additional cost to you (based on RRP).

For more information about our new Size 2 Ultimate Nappies and the other changes to our range click here to find out more.

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Our best care for skin. Specially designed for the comfort and protection of delicate newborn skin.


The trusted absorbency of Huggies® Nappies. With up to 12 hours leakage protection for both day and night protection.


Designed to take the struggle out of changing a wriggly baby, they go on like pants for easy nappy changes.


Thick, soft and absorbent, for a safe, gentle yet thorough clean.


Prevent embarrassing little accidents while swimming.


For trusted overnight absorbency and leakage protection.


For change time on the go.