Mother doing yoga on mat with baby lying in blanket next to her

Postnatal Yoga and Exercises

Full body Yoga and Exercises
These poses are great for mothers as they boost strength and stamina while improving mental capacity and self-control – which can be very useful when you’re tired and got lots to do or have other people pushing your buttons.
Tadasana appears to be a simple pose, but it can take a bit of practice to get it right.
If you thought the quick dashes to the loo would stop once baby was born, you might be surprised to find things have actually gotten worse!
Towards the end of pregnancy, the two large muscle sheets covering the belly sometimes separate into two halves to accommodate the growing baby.
Upper Body Yoga and Exercises
The first few weeks after baby’s birth can be incredibly exciting but also very draining for a new mother.
We’d all love to have a personal masseuse but unless you’re living on a rock-star income, the chances are slim.
In the historical Indian language of Sanskrit “ut” means intense, “tan” means to stretch and extend, and “asana” is a yoga pose or posture.
Lower Body Yoga and Exercises
Even if your tum is looking like the surface of the moon and a similar shape, don’t fret.
If you’re uncomfortable in the hamstrings, come out of the pose and move your blanket out a bit from the wall.
Battling the baby bulge or a jelly belly is usually high on the wish list for new mothers.

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