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Are you wanting to know how to pick the perfect baby name? With the abundance of baby girl names and baby boy names out there, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed, nervous yet excited all at once. After all, your baby’s name remains with them for life and remains a part of their identity.

This is where Huggies Baby Name Generator comes in handy, so you can have fun with the process!

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Whether you desire a trending baby name, a unique baby name or one that has a specific meaning, our Baby Name Generator can help. Discover a wealth of ideas and inspiration for unique baby boy names, unique baby girl names, gender neutral baby names and middle names.

You can even reveal the most popular baby names for previous years for suggestions for cute baby names.

So important a name is, there’s even a whole field of academic study, called onomastics, dedicated to examining the origin, meaning and history of names.

Use our Huggies Baby Name Generator plus read our Huggies articles on baby names including the specific meanings of baby names, to help make this an enjoyable experience for you.

How to use the tool

Explore the top trending names for each gender so you can gather some creative inspiration for cute baby girl names and cute baby boy names. For example, you can search the top baby names for 2021. You can also browse by specific meaning, letter and country of origin.

The results can even be downloaded so you can refer to the list and make notes on it to share with others.

Save your favourite names

After you run a search, the Huggies® Baby Name Generator will pull up all the names that meet your criteria. You can now browse the options and save them by clicking on the heart to the right of the name. The tool will save your favourite names for you to revisit later, perhaps when you wish to discuss with your partner or friends.

Add your creative and personal touch

Unique baby names are popular at the moment. So if you’ve found a name you love from the most popular names list, but at the same time you would like a more distinctive name for your child, take a look at our Unique baby names to see how you can modify it in simple, different ways.

More inspiration

If you are needing even more inspiration, you can use the Baby Name Generator together with our articles, for example, the Top 100 Boy Baby names, the Top 100 Girl Baby names, Baby Names for any Gender, even The Strangest Celebrity Baby Names from the Last Decade.

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