Matching Names for Your Twins

If you have found out you will be expecting twins, you now have the job of choosing not one but two names. Most people find choosing a name for one baby an arduous task as it is!

For twins, you will want to approach their names like most other things in their life. You will most likely want to match them while also finding a way to make them distinct from each other.

Tips for choosing your twin baby names

  • Try to stick to a theme, such as names that start with the same letter, or both names inspired by nature, two names that rhyme with each other, or that end with the same sound.
  • You could choose the names so they rhyme or at least sound similar.
  • Naomi Dorland has some tips. She is a twin mum and founder of Twinfo, an online community and directory for multiple birth parents.
  • She says, “Choosing names for twins and triplets is a more complex task than you might think. These are questions you need to answer before you even start to think of names.”
  • Are you planning on having middle names? Do you have family names you wish to honour?
  • How matchy matchy do you want them to be or not to be? For example, are you planning on having rhyming names (ie Blake and Jake) or themed names (i.e. Floral – Poppy and Daisy), names that start with the same letter (i.e. Kate and Kane) or themes from Star Wars (i.e. Luke and Leia), royal names (Andrew and Charlotte) or do you want completely non matching names (Astrid and John)?
  • Are you finding out the gender? If not, you need to think of potentially six first names (girl/girl and boy/boy and also boy/girl – as you may decide on a totally different name set if you have different genders).
  • Say the names out loud: Dorland suggests, “Go to a park and YELL those names. In all orders, with all possible shortened nickname combinations. There is a very good chance you will be yelling out those names a lot in the future!” Doing this can ensure they flow well together, especially when you say both the names together.

Decide who gets which name: For same gender twins, you will need to decide which baby gets which name. Dorland says one way is to let siblings choose which baby gets which name. This may help the siblings feel more involved.

“Or maybe they seem to suit their names based on their movements in the womb. Ethan, which has a Hebrew meaning of strong and firm, may be your more active baby. While Beau means beautiful and gentle, which may be for your more chilled out baby in utero.”

Below are some themes for matching twin names to consider:

Boy and girl twin names with similar meanings

Laszlo and Orlando

Meaning “famous”.

Andrew and Andrea

These two names mean “manly”, even though Andrea is a feminine name.

Frederica and Milo

Both mean “peaceful”.

Jade and Jayden

Both mean “stone of the side”. Jayden became popular after Britney Spears chose it as a name for one of her sons. Jayden is the male equivalent of Jade.

Esme and Imogen

Meaning “beloved”.

Arthur and Orson

Meaning ‘’bear’’.

Pallas and Ramona

Meaning ‘’wise’’.

Oliver and Olivia

Meaning “olive tree’’. Oliver is now a hugely popular name, having held the top spot.

Asher and Felix

Meaning ‘’happy’’.

Ada and Oberon

Meaning ‘’noble’’.

Cyrus and Surya

Meaning ‘’sun’’.

Jonah and Jemima

Both these names mean “dove”.

Brianna and Brian

Meaning ‘’noble’’.

Benedict and Winifred

Meaning ‘’blessed’’.

Twin names that start with the same letter

Twin girls

Abigail and Amy

Sadie and Sasha

Natalie and Nicole

Harper and Hazel

Twin boys

Matthew and Michael

Jacob and Joseph

Ethan and Evan

Jet and Jasper

Landon and Logan

Jackson and Joseph

Curtis and Cooper

Garrett and Graham

Twin boys and girls

Ava and Alexander

Alexander and Abigail

Brian and Brianna

Connor and Chloe

William and Sophia

Tyler and Taylor

Samuel and Sophia

Luke and Lily

Mila and Max

Landon and London

Charlie and Charlotte

Julia and James

Samuel and Sophia

Zoe and Zachary

Isabella, Isaiah

Michael and Madison

Ava and Aiden

Quincy and Quin

Patrick and Poloma

Dillan and Delanie

Riley and Reagan

Ella and Ethan

Emma and Evan

Jayden and Jayda

Emma and Ethan

Twin names that rhyme

Twin girls

Abby and Gabby

Isabella and Sophia

Ava and Emma

Amanda and Miranda

Olivia and Sophia

Hazel and Laurel

Gabriella and Isabella

Sadie and Katie

Hannah and Sarah

Faith and Grace

Twin boys

Ian and Ryan

John and Shaun

Marley and Rory

Hunter and Walker

Sawyer and Cooper

Daniel and Nathaniel

Olive and Xavier

Jordan and Justin

Boy and girl twins

Marie and Zachary

Sam and Pam

Madison and Mason

Wilson and Alison

Finn and Quinn

Isaiah and Isabella

Addison and Aiden

Reversed names to match for twins

Leon and Noel

Nadia and Aidan

Ari and Ira

Heaven and Neveah

Using anagrams

Dorland suggests, “A cute but not in your face matchy matchy way of naming but still has a special twin connection, is to use an anagram. Here you use the letters in one name and rearrange them to form another. Examples include Liam and Mila or Aidan and Diana.

Nature inspired matching twin names

With nature increasingly being drawn upon for inspiration for names, here are some that go well together for twin babies.

Boy and girl twins

Clover and Cliff

Cliff can be short for Clifford, while Clover has associations with good luck.

Pine and Petunia

Pine can be a gender-neutral name, while Petunia comes from the beautiful flower.

Hawk and Wren

Leo and Ivy

Dove and River

Winter and Summer

Gale and Tempest

Girl twins

Clementine and Cerise

Cerise is French for cherry, while Clementines is an orange.

Summer and Autumn

Rose and Lily

Boy twins

Jet and Jasper

Both are types of special stones.

Kai and Knox

Kai is a Hawaiian name for “sea” and Knox is a name from Scotland meaning “round hill”.

River and Phoenix

Don’t forget that you can always use the Huggies Baby Name Generator to your advantage to help you come up with interesting combinations based on your desire for meanings or initials. With thousands of names to choose from, be inspired by popular, unique and original baby names.


Written by Tracey Cheung, April 2023. Tracey is a freelance writer with particular interest in writing about topics that promote health and wellness in the community. As a mother she has personal experience in writing content that helps other parents.

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