Celestial Baby Names Based on Astrology

If you’re stuck for baby name ideas, why not draw inspiration from the skies, the heavens? There are celestial bodies and activities in space, such as the planets, comets, asteroids, galaxies and constellations.

Astrology studies the connection between celestial activity and events on earth. It can, for instance, explain how the planets’ current movements or positions are affecting your life based on where the planets were when you were born. The earth events that can be impacted by the planet movements include your career, relationships and health.

Astrologers also use the movement of the planets to explain world events, social trends and to look at compatibility between people based on their personal astrology.

According to personal astrology, each planet or luminary (the sun and moon) can provide details about your personality and life.

If all of this resonates with you, or if you just fancy a name out of this world and based on the fascinating study of astrology, we have gathered some celestial names that can serve as inspiration. Such names were identified as trending in McCrindle’s latest 2022 Baby Names report.

Celestial baby boy names

Armstrong: An English name meaning ‘strong armed’. Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon.

Asia: A unisex English name meaning ‘eastern sunrise’.

Badar: An Islamic name meaning ‘Full moon’.

Ciro: A Spanish name meaning ‘the sun’.

Cyrus: A Persian name meaning ‘sun’.

Hoku: A Hawaiian name for ‘star’.

Jericho: Arabic for ‘city of the moon’.

Mars: The fourth planet from the sun.

Muraco: Native American name, meaning ‘white moon’.

Oberon: Oberon is the second largest moon of Uranus, but it is also a German name to mean ‘A boy's name of old Germanic origin’.

Orion: A Greek name meaning ‘mighty hunter’ and also the name of a constellation containing three very bright stars.

Ravi: A Hindu name meaning ‘sun God, benevolent’.

Saturnin: A Spanish name meaning ‘gift of Saturn’.

Sol: A Hebrew and Latin name meaning ‘peace, sun’.

Starr: An English name meaning star.

Vega: An Arabic name meaning ‘falling star’.

Celestial baby girl names

Astra: A Greek name, meaning ‘from the stars’.

Aster: An English name, meaning ‘from the stars’.

Astrid: A Scandinavian name, meaning ‘divine strength’.

Altair: This is a unisex name of Arabic, Greek origins, meaning ‘bird, star’.

Ayla: A Scottish, Finnish light-bearer from the strong place.

Calypso: A Greek name meaning ‘concealer’, it was the name of one of the ships from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Celeste: A Latin name meaning ‘heavenly’.

Celia: A Spanish and Greek name meaning ‘sunshine, zeal’.

Chandra: A Sanskrit name meaning ‘moon’.

Cynthia: A Greek name meaning ‘moon, moon goddess’.

Danica: A Slavic name meaning ‘morning star’.

Dawn: Meaning ‘breaking of day, sunrise’.

Diana: A Latin and Roman name meaning ‘virgin goddess of the moon, divine’.

Eostre: An Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘Goddess of the dawn’.

Estella: A Latin and Greek name, meaning ‘a star’.

Gaia: A Greek name meaning ‘earth’.

Helia: A Greek name meaning ‘sun’.

Hoshiko: A Japanese for ‘star.’ You could also use a shortened version of this, Hoshi.

Jupiter: The largest planet in the solar system.

Kamaria: A Swahili name meaning ‘like the moon’.

Leilani: A beautiful Polynesian name meaning ‘flower of heaven’.

Lucine: A pretty Italian, Armenian name meaning ‘moon, light’.

Luna: A Latin name meaning ‘shining, moon’.

Neoma: A unique and lovely name of Hebrew and Greek origins, meaning ‘new moon, pleasant’.

Nuray: An Arabic and Turkish name meaning ‘white moon, light’.

Phoebe: A Greek name meaning ‘goddess of the moon, bright one’.

Samson: A Hebrew name meaning ‘like the sun, his ministry’.

Selena: A Greek name meaning ‘the moon’.

Sitara: A gorgeous name, in Sanskrit it means ‘morning star’.

Soleil: A French name meaning ‘sun’.

Somatra: A Hindu name meaning ‘excelling the moon’.

Skye: A unisex name meaning in Dutch, Arabic, English, meaning ‘water giver, sky, sheltering’.

Stella: A Greek and Latin name meaning ‘a star’.

Zora: An adorable Slavic and Greek name meaning ‘golden dawn’.

Don’t forget that you can always use the Huggies Baby Name Generator to your advantage to help you come up with interesting combinations based on your desire for meanings or initials. With thousands of names to choose from, be inspired by popular, unique and original baby names.





Written by Tracey Cheung, April 2023. Tracey is a freelance writer with particular interest in writing about topics that promote health and wellness in the community. As a mother she has personal experience in writing content that helps other parents.

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