Baby Names for Your Zodiac Year

A creative way to choose a name for your baby that you might not have considered yet is one based on the Zodiac year of your baby’s birthday or due date. To hopefully make it easier for you, each Zodiac sign has associated elements and traits, so the names will represent accordingly.

Aries baby names

March 21-April 19

Aries’ element is fire and those born during this period are often described as strong-willed, bold, ambitious, headstrong and courageous. Therefore, their names fit as such.

Suggested names that will fit your Aries baby include:

Girl Aries

Marcella- A Latin name meaning “warlike”.

Ember- An Old English name, meaning “smouldering remains of a fire”.

Serafina- Spanish and Hebrew in origin, it means “burning, ardent”.

Alcie- Means “strong willed”.

Enya- A name that truly reflects the star sign, it means “fire” and has Irish origins.

April -As some Aries are born in April, this makes it a suitable name.

Rama- The feminine version of Ram, the symbol for Aries.

Boy Aries

Ethan- Of Hebrew origin, meaning “strong and firm”. Perfect for an Aries who is defined by such traits.

Wyatt – A very fitting name for an Aries, meaning “brave in war”. Celebrities who have named their sons Wyatt include Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, and Sheryl Crow. Showing that it also works for girls, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis named their daughter Wyatt.

Liam – An Irish name meaning “strong willed”.

Cayle- An English name meaning “bold”.

Gender Neutral Aries

Riley – Means “courage”.

Farrell- Also means “courage”.

Taurus baby names

April 20-May20

Taurus babies are considered down-to-earth, tough, hardworking, tenacious, dependable, sensual and pleasure seeking. The bull is the symbol for this sign. Fitting names for this sign include:

Girl Taurus

May- May is one of the birth months for this sign, the other being April.

Frida: Frida Kahlo was a famous Mexican painter, inspiring this name for a Taurus, in line with the creative trait.

Brianna: The name means strong and honourable.

Taura: A variant on the star sign name itself.

Hermione: Meaning “earthly,” with earth being the element for this sign.

Boy Taurus

Corrado – German name meaning “bold”.

Bevi: French name meaning “bull, bowman”.

Taurean: The male variant of the star sign name.

Gender Neutral Taurus

Thoreau- Means “strength of a bull”.

Dillon: To reflect the calm and patience that Taurus babies are known for, Dillon is a French name meaning “lion-like”.

Rani: Meaning song to represent the creativity of this sign.

Gemini baby names

May 21 – June 20

Gemini’s element is air, with twins as its sign, indicating there are two sides to a Gemini. Those who are born a Gemini are deemed to be curious, honest, spontaneous, playful, expressive, kind, ambitious and intelligent.

Girl Gemini

Tamsin – Means “twins”.

Kiki- A Japanese name meaning “double happiness” to indicate the twin sign.

Agatha: Of Greek origin, meaning “good” to recognise the goodness trait in Geminis.

June: The month of Gemini babies.

Boy Gemini

Thomas: Means “twins”.

Kennedy: “Helmeted chief” to reflect Gemini’s intelligence.

Bryce: Meaning “alert or ambitious”.

Koji: This is the male version of Kiki, with the same meaning of “double happiness”.

Cancer baby names

June 21-July 22

Intuitive, empathetic, reliable, caring, compassionate and protective, water is the element for Cancer.

Girl Cancer

Ramona: Spanish name meaning “wise protector” to perfectly fit this sign.

Darya: The element associated with Cancer is water, and this name means “the sea”.

Ruby: This is the birthstone for July, the birth month for Cancer.

Loyal: The name says it all for this sign.

Boy Cancer

William: Very fitting for a Cancerian, this name means “resolute protection”.

Sebastian: Of Latin origin, it means “honourable”.

Coyan: A French name meaning “modest” for your little Cancerian.

Thormond: English name meaning “Thor's protection”.

Leo baby names

July 23 – August 22

Leo’s sign is the lion, with fire as its element. They are considered fiery, loud, outgoing, loyal, dramatic, passionate and enthusiastic. These are the names that go well for a Leo baby.

Girl Leo

Audrey: Means “noble strength”, a trait Leos are known to possess.

Stella: Means “star” and aligns with a Leo’s outgoing nature.

Leah: Female version of Leo, an Italian name that means “lion”.

Fae: A variant of the name Faith, meaning “belief, trust, confidence”.

Boy Leo

Ari: Hebrew for “lion”.

Leonardo: Meaning “bold like a lion”, perfect for this sign with the star as its symbol sign.

Gender Neutral Leo

Ardent: Meaning “passionate and enthusiastic”.

August: The birth month of Leo babies.

Blaze: An American gender neutral name meaning “a flame”.

Virgo baby names

August 23 – September 22

Virgo’s sign is The Virgin, and its associated element is earth. Virgo’s are considered, deep thinkers, methodical and efficient, loyal, gentle, humble, loving and kind.

Girl Virgo

Adara: A unique and beautiful name, it is of Greek, Arabic and Hebrew origins, meaning “praised, virgin, exalted, beauty”.

Corrine or Corinna: They both mean “maiden,” the symbol of Virgo.

Imogen: Another “maiden” name, Celtic in origin.

Winnie: Meaning “gentle friend”.

Boy Virgo

Kai: This name’s meaning carries many earth elements, of sea, willow tree and fire.

Gareth: A Welsh baby name meaning “gentle” and “kind”.

Pavao: A Croatian name with the lovely meaning “humble”.

Libra baby names

September 23-October 22

This sign is symbolised by a scale, and its element is the air. The scales represent balance and harmony in life, work and love. Libra’s are deemed to be charming, generous, fair, diplomatic and gracious.

Girl Libra

Autumn: To suit their season of birth.

Harmony: As described in their star sign traits.

Venus: The name of the Roman goddess of beauty and love.

Hermione: A Scottish name meaning “earth, shield of power”.

Boy Libra

Justin: Meaning “fair, righteous and true”.

Gender Neutral Libra


Eden: Meaning “adornment, delightful, paradise”.

Scorpio baby names

October 23-November 21

The sign for Scorpio is the scorpion, and its element is water. The traits of a Scorpion are bravery, passion, leadership, resourcefulness and curiosity.

Girl Scorpio

Ishhara: Ishhara was the Mesopotamian goddess associated with the scorpion.

Dara: Tying in with the sign’s water element, this name means “compassion, angel of rains and rivers”.

Erica: Meaning “regal, powerful”.

Boy Scorpio

Max: A Latin name meaning “the greatest”.

Ford: In line with the element of water, this English name means “river crossing”.

Gender Neutral Scorpio

Dylan is a Celtic and Welsh name meaning “sea god, son of the waves”.

Sagittarius baby names

November 22 – December 21

The sign for Sagittarians is the archer, with the associated element of fire. Their dominant traits are energetic, extroverted, adventurous, generous, optimistic and funny.

Girl Sagittarius

Viva: Italian name meaning “life,” very fitting for your daughter, who is full of life.

Blythe: Means “joyous, free spirit”.

Diana: The Roman goddess of hunting.

Boy Sagittarius

Kyler: Irish, Dutch name, meaning “church, archer and wood”.

Apollo: Apollo was the god of many things, including archery, music and healing.

Reece: A very appropriate name for a Sagittarian boy, meaning “enthusiastic, passionate, running”.

Capricorn baby names

December 22 – January 19

The sign for Capricorn is the goat, and earth is the associated element. They are known for being determined, ambitious, independent, busy disciplined and tenacious.

Girl Capricorn

Amelia: Name means “Work of the Lord, striving, beloved, industrious”.

Emmaline: A variant of Amelia with the same meaning.

Meredith: “Joyful, protector of the sea”.

Imaran: Hindu name for “strong”.

Boy Capricorn

Maverick: English name meaning “An independent man”.

Gareth: Meaning “Strong spear, son of Lot”.

Aquarius baby names

January 20 – February 18

The water bearer is the sign for Aquarians, and its element is air. You will find Aquarians associated with traits such as a big heart, a free spirit, imaginative, deep and humanitarian.

Girl Aquarius

Amethyst: A precious February stone to suit the birth month.

Brady: Irish name for “spirited”.

Aura: Meaning “soft breeze, golden”.

Boy Aquarius

Valen: English name meaning “strong”.

Conrad: Meaning “able in counsel” to suit the humanitarian.

Gender Neutral Aquarius

Asher: This Hebrew name means “blessed, happy, lucky”.

Pisces baby names

February 19 – March 20

Pisces is a star sign symbolised by two fish, and its element is water.

Pisces are often associated with being creative, wise and dramatic, yet dreamy, empathetic and affectionate.

Girl Pisces

Margot: French variation of Margaret, meaning “pearl, child of light.” Pearls are the only gems that come from the sea.

Talula: Native American name meaning “leaping water”.

Naia: Greek name meaning “water nymph, flowing”.

Boy Pisces

Solomon: Hebrew with the meaning of “peaceful”.

Philo: An Ancient Greek name meaning "loving”.

Gender Neutral Pisces

Marlowe: Meaning “from the hill by the lake”.

Don’t forget that you can always use the Huggies Baby Name Generator to your advantage to help you come up with interesting combinations based on your desire for meanings or initials. With thousands of names to choose from, be inspired by popular, unique and original baby names.


Written by Tracey Cheung, [link to author page] April 2023. Tracey is a freelance writer with particular interest in writing about topics that promote health and wellness in the community. As a mother she has personal experience in writing content that helps other parents.

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