Baby Names

Baby Names by Popularity
Want to see the top baby names for the year 2023? Here is a list of top 100 baby names according to the McCrindle’s research.
Baby Names by Theme
Colours have always held deep meanings for all cultures and moods. Choose the perfect name for your baby inspired by the colours of the nature.
Celebrities have a very interesting, influential life. This is also evident in how they name their baby. Here is list of some of the strangest celebrity baby names.
Earth is an eternal source for energy, life and inspiration. Choose an earth element inspired name for your baby to draw the inspiration from mother earth.
Are you looking for gender-neutral names for your newborn? Find a list of unisex baby names that goes with their amazing personality.
Find a name for your daughter that suits her lovely personality. Check out the list of top baby names inspired by Disney for your princess.
Expert Tips for Naming your Baby
With choices in baby names galore, your head may be spinning with where to begin for choosing a baby name. Read our guide, we're here to help!
A lot of the times your opinions don’t match your family’s. Read on to learn how to deal with your family disliking your baby’s name.

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