Enjoy Your Active Baby

A special time

Your baby is now active and on the move and this is a beautiful time for you both. Your baby will be looking at the world in a whole new way and it opens up wonderful opportunities for you to play together or get out and about together. It could be traditional nursery rhymes or active play. It also means that bub learning a lot through play.

Once your baby becomes active you will share the fun of watching bub learning to explore their environment, as well as being able to interact with things that may previously have been out of reach for them. They can discover new textures and play with different objects and open up a host of new adventures.

On the move

It is a big change when your previously stationary baby starts to move around. You’ll often find that you need to reorganise your home. This is so that it is safer for them to navigate this new and previously unexplored territory. Your little one is very vulnerable in the early stages of becoming an active baby so keeping them safe is a priority.

You will need to reassess where things are in your home and make sure bub is protected from potential hazards. In particular, keeping objects like hot cups of tea or coffee well out of reach is vital. Your bub will be pulling themselves up to stand and coffee tables are a perfect starting point for them. You need to make sure objects like this can only be reached by the adults in the household in order to prevent unnecessary accidents.

You and your active baby

While you may have been sleep deprived with your bub in the early months, you could rest easy knowing they weren’t going to move anywhere. Your little one might be sleeping for longer stretches now, but they need constant supervision during the day. This means that you will find that you have less time for yourself and will find it a challenge to complete certain tasks on occasion. It’s great to get your active baby involved around the house and there are some fun and practical ways to do this. Bub will love being able to play with their “own” dustpan and brush or even having their own cloth to “help” with dusting.

There are times when an active baby can make it difficult to have any time just for you. It is important to know this period doesn’t last forever. They grow so quickly and will develop more independence in the coming months. However during this time it is important to plan ahead and make sure that you get out and about with bub so that you can catch up with friends or do the shopping. In addition, it is useful to consider the needs and routine of your baby so that both of you are left feeling content and calm on a day to day basis.

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