Why Huggies Newborn Nappies are enriched with Zinc Oxide


Huggies® Newborn and Infant Nappies’ clinically proven layer* has a skin protecting application comprising of zinc oxide, commonly found in nappy rash creams, and a pH balancer. This layer works to help deliver protection against irritants from urine and poop that can irritate the skin and alter pH. In fact, Huggies’ zinc enriched layer is clinically proven to help protect against irritation and maintain healthy skin pH*. All this while providing the same trusted dryness and skin loving softness.

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Why Zinc:

Chances are you are already using a zinc oxide based nappy rash cream on your baby. Huggies Zinc Oxide enriched layer has been proven to help protect baby’s skin against irritation.

Nappy rash impacts more than half of infants by twelve months^. One of the top causes of irritation in the nappy area is contact with urine and poop. Urine and poop contain harsh irritants that can disrupt the healthy pH of the skin.

Maintaining a healthy pH in the nappy area is important. When urine and poop are mixed the pH increases, activating poop irritants that can irritate the skin.

We put the Huggies® zinc enriched layer to the test. Using adult forearms, which is a suitable substitute for baby skin, we tested Huggies® zinc enriched layer against a regular nappy layer (without zinc). We conducted a clinical study by adding moisture and poop irritants and checked the skin daily over 4 days. This clinical study showed that Huggies® zinc enriched layer helped protect against irritation and balanced the skin pH. Meanwhile the regular layer without zinc demonstrated significantly less protection from irritation and unbalanced pH.

There’s a reason Huggies are endorsed by Whānau Āwhina Plunket and the #1 choice of New Zealand Hospitals. Try the only nappy with a clinically proven zinc enriched layer* to help protect your baby’s skin from irritation from day 1.

^ https://www.rch.org.au/clinicalguide/guideline_index/Nappy_rash/#history. Royals Children’s Melbourne Hospital.


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*This claim is based on a clinical study conducted at an independent laboratory, using adult skin as a suitable substitute for baby skin. Results showed significantly less irritation when using liner with Huggies® Zinc Enriched layer vs control.

Contains Zinc as Zinc Oxide, commonly found in nappy rash cream.

Check out these FAQs to find out more:

HUGGIES® Newborn/Infant Nappies have a new clinically proven Zinc enriched layer enriched to help protect against irritation and maintain healthy skin pH*. All the trusted features remain on our nappies so you are guaranteed to still enjoy the same leakage protection, softness and fit you love about Huggies with this new benefit added that takes your baby’s skin care a step further!

Our HUGGIES® clinically proven layer is enriched with Zinc Oxide, commonly found in nappy rash cream, to help protect newborn and baby skin*.

Launching August 2023, though depending on your local store you might find it in stores before or after this date.

27/07/23 - min Read

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