Baby Cold

As much as we hate seeing our babies miserable with a cold or flu, the truth is that it does actually have some positives. Babies develop strong immune systems through catching and fighting off colds. At times, it might seem that bub has a continuous runny nose – but it’s all part of developing immunity. In fact, you can expect around 6 to 10 colds per year with bubs and young children – maybe more if your child is going to childcare from a young age.

Cold, flu, whooping cough?

When bub starts to become unsettled and has signs of illness it is important to identify the symptoms and give the right treatments. Take a look at coughs, colds and more as your handy reference to the symptoms and treatments of the most common childhood illness that bub is likely to catch.

When to see the doctor?

Having a sick baby can be a real worry – it can be hard to know what is a simple cold and when to get help. Babies are unable to tell you so you need to pay close attention to the signs of a more serious illness developing. Take a look at when to call the doctor for more information on when to get help. If in doubt – it’s always best to see your doctor to make sure.

Preventing the spread of colds

Colds and flu can spread quickly around your family. Fortunately a few simple steps can minimise the chances of everyone coming down with a cold. Taking greater care with sneezing and hand washing can make a real difference from one family member getting a cold to everyone going down. Use a hand sanitiser like KLEENEX Brand Natural Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser, eat well and try to get as much sleep as possible.

For more information see Baby health care or Baby care

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