Sneeze safe

Follow these Sneeze Safe Guidelines from KLEENEX and help to keep your family safe from colds and flu.

1. Do Trap it

  • Encourage your children to always cough sneeze or blow into a clean open tissue.
  • Explain to children that cold and flu viruses are spread into the air by coughing, sneezing, speaking, singing and laughing. The sneeze is the biggest culprit in the transfer of colds and flu. Once the invisible particles are in the air, someone else can breathe them in and ‘catch’ the virus.
  • You might like to use a balloon to illustrate the effect of a sneeze. Fill the balloon with confetti and inflate. Release the balloon. The confetti spreads like freshly sneezed virus particles into the air. Similarly you can show virus particles by blowing bubbles into the air. Watch them float and see where they land.

2. Do Bin It

  • Remind your children to always throw their used tissue into the bin. Tell them to use a tissue once only. A pocket or sleeve is not a good place for a used tissue.
  • If your child has a cold at kindy or pre-school, encourage him or her to bring a named box of tissues from home to take with them to activities ready to trap sneezes which often give little warning.

3. Do Wash It

  • Teach your children that if they don’t have a tissue, cup their hands over their nose and mouth to block their cough or sneeze. Wash their hands with soap and water straight afterwards.
  • For the surprise ‘dry’ sneeze, encourage the elbow sneeze technique ie cover the nose and mouth with the crook of the elbow.

4. Don’t Eat It

  • Remind your children to always wash their hands before eating food, to keep their hands away from their eyes and mouth at all other times and to never share cups, glasses or drink bottles.

Read more detail in the “Science of Sneeze Safe” Brochure

For more information see Baby cold or Baby care

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