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Toilet Training in 3 Days

For busy parents, toilet training in three days sounds very appealing. It might sound too good to be true but quick training methods like these can work really well for some families.

It’s important to remember that all children learn differently and this method may not suit your little one. Always do your best to be patient, attentive and positive throughout your toddler’s toilet training experience.

This method is designed to help your toddler progress from using nappies to using their potty or your toilet with a training seat. Your child may not be fully toilet trained in three days and accidents might still happen.

Preparing for toilet training in three days

Being prepared for three days of intensive training is vital. Make sure you are prepared both mentally and physically.

Try these easy tips to get you in the zone:

  • Let go of your expectations and try to be relaxed
  • Educate yourself on what hiccups might happen
  • Familiarise yourself with how your toddler signals that he or she needs to go. Signals such as, a change in facial expression, squirming, squatting or holding their genitals are very common
  • Introduce your child to their potty before you start training
  • Have your shopping done and meals prepared ahead of time
  • Do the laundry and clean the house prior to starting
  • Be ready to play games, colour in, watch a kids show and enjoy some bonding time with your child

Think of this method as the kick-start to an ongoing process. The best way to toilet train your child is the way that works for you and your toddler.

The three-day method

Be aware that this method is an intensive method. If you are a busy parent, plan to take a Friday or Monday off work and dedicate the long weekend to training.

Follow this pattern each day:

  • When your child wakes up remove his or her dirty nappy and throw it away together. You can make it a bit of a ceremony to help your little one understand.
  • Leave your toddler naked and explain that now there is no nappy to catch their business, so he or she has to put it in the potty.
  1. At breakfast encourage your little one to drink up. When they have finished take a trip to the potty together. He or she should need to go at this point. When they do, congratulate them and show them how to empty it.
  2. Continue with your day full of joint activities. For this method to be effective you need to stay at home for the whole three days.
  3. Throughout the day make sure to have a drink nearby for your toddler to sip on. Every 15 minutes or so, lead them to the potty and see if they need to go. This may seem tedious but you really need to drum the process in.
  4. Stop encouraging all food and drink after dinner to reduce the chance of accidents overnight. If you’re concerned you can try a product like Nappy-Pants overnight and teach them how to take them off when they wake up.
  5. Visit the potty together one last time before bedtime.
  6. Wake your kid up halfway through their sleep and visit the potty. You’ll probably need an alarm.
  7. Repeat this process over the next two days and try not to stress about accidents.

When to start the three-day toilet training method

The best toilet training age is when your child is ready. Children are typically ready to start toilet training between the ages of two and four. If your little one isn’t ready by the time they are four, be patient. It’s ok to start a bit later.

Make sure that you have the energy and time as well. It’s a big process for both of you.