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Mighty toddler

The Mighty Toddler

by Robin Barker

From the bestselling author of ‘Baby Love’ comes "’The Mighty Toddler’, Robin Barker’s guide for the toddler years of one, two and three. Practical and essential, ‘The Mighty Toddler’ includes key milestones for each age group; a complete ABC of toddler behaviour and responses; a guide to day-to-day toddler care; explanations about toddler health, medical conditions and illnesses; and Robin’s down-to-earth advice on how to keep your life on track! Recently revised to include up-to-date information about potty training, childcare, swimming, personal safety and food allergies and intolerances, ‘The Mighty Toddler’ is the most comprehensive guide available to Australian parents.

The Mighty Toddler is one of the most comprehensive guides available to Australian parents.