Kids party supplies

Take a look at these great ideas for your party. By using the “colouring in” option you get to add that personal touch to your cards.

Party Bags

You can buy these from most stores that have party sections or you could make your own by decorating brown paper bags.

This activity can even be incorporated into the party. Just put out a few crayons and stickers for the children to make their own. It’s a game in itself.

Gift tags

These smaller gift tags can be great to add to a present, use them to label your goody bags or they make great place cards at the table. Just select one of the images below and print. We have made them in colour or you can add you own personal touch and colour them in.

Birthday Cards

There’s nothing quite like a traditional birthday card. We’ve provided you with a few options, either print them out in colour or use the outline and add your own personal artistic touches. To make the card more stable and solid you can glue the paper to a piece of cardboard. Or of course send one of our e-cards, the choice is yours.


A few simple decorations can make all the difference to the party atmosphere.

Make yourself:

  • Paper chains
    Cut strips of coloured paper. Glue or staple these together into circles, linking them through each other.
  • Balloon Cut outs
    As “popped” balloons can be quite dangerous for little children, you can replace these with balloon cut outs.
    Simply use coloured cardboard or paper draw the outline of a balloon and cut out. You can then add some coloured streamers to the bottom of them.
  • Streamers
    Cutting out long strips of crepe paper and trailing these around the house or garden are simple and fun for small children to use.
  • Birthday Banners
    Using a large piece of cardboard and decorating this with “Happy Birthday?” is both simple and fun for your toddler to join in. There is nothing quite like an original artwork to get conversation going.
  • Disney printouts
    By printing out a few of Winnie the Pooh and friends templates you can turn your home or garden into your own Hundred Acre Wood. Colouring these in can also be fun at the party, just remember to make sure that your textas or crayons are non toxic.

To Buy:

  • Balloons
    Keep balloons out of reach of small children as they can present a safety hazard.
    Position them high on window frames or on a high branch of the tree.
    If a balloon does pop, remove any debris quickly.
  • Streamers
    Paper streamers are great for toddlers to decorate with themselves. Trailing them through the bushes in the garden makes for a festive out door party.
  • Birthday Banners
    These banners are available in most party sections at supermarkets, toy stores, newsagents etc.

Thank you cards

For many people these are a “must do” after a party. If you are planning on sending thank you cards, make sure that you have a pen and paper handy at present opening time so that you can write down who gave what. It’s much easier than trying to work it out later. Simply use one of our birthday cards to say thank you from the party boy or girl.

For more information see Kids party ideas or Parenting .

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