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Parents Centres in NZ

If you’re pregnant and barely know one end of a baby from the other, your local Parents Centre is the place for you. A Parents Centre is perfect for any parent who wants the knowledge and skills to do a good job of raising their kids.

Contrary to what some might tell you, knowing how to be a great parent doesn’t simply come naturally when your baby arrives, and children don’t come with an user’s instruction manual. But Parents Centres are the next best thing. Their fantastic parent education and support starts with your antenatal (pregnancy education) and is there for you right up to your child’s first day at school.

Learn and make friends with other parents and kids

At Parents Centres you can meet up with other parents to learn about things like infant massage and breastfeeding. You can join coffee groups to talk about topics such as toilet training and the sometimes odd behaviour of toddlers. There are also great playgroups, fathers? groups, and telephone support in some centres.

There are 50 Parents Centres spread across the North and the South Island, so you should be able to find a Parents Centre not too far from your place.
Here we give you a brief rundown of what a Parents Centre can do for you and your children.

Parent Education classes at Parent Centres

The Centres? Parent Education programmes are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge parents need to confidently take good care of children through various ages and stages.

  • Childbirth education – Antenatal
    Parents Centres New Zealand is the largest provider of Antenatal Education, with over 120 professional Childbirth Educators employed across the country.
  • Conscious Parenting – Parenting with Purpose
    Encourages you to look at how you parent, where you learnt your parenting skills and if they are the best skills to use.
  • Conscious Parenting – Magic Moments
    Focuses on non-physical ways to discipline, and encourages you to build healthy relationships with your child.
  • Baby and you
    Learn about good feeding and sleeping habits, common infant complaints, infant massage, and more.
  • Moving and munching
    Topics covered include safety proofing your home, intellectual and social development, solids, and healthy attitudes to food.
  • Music and movement
    Teaches you fun ways to encourage your child to interact with you.
  • Tinies to tots
    Topics include how play can stimulate learning, keeping baby safe, introducing new foods, and preventing tooth decay.

Parents Centres community support

The 50 Centres support all parents in the community at times of need, such as sudden infant death syndrome; parents in prison; teenage parents; sudden antenatal death; miscarriage support; breastfeeding; child development; special needs.

Membership of Parents Centres

To find out more about Parents Centres and the value of membership, visit Parents Centres New Zealand
Find a Parents Centre near you.