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Quick, and not by the book, by Prudent_Badger

I had decided from the outset not to get worried about labour. I had fallen pregnant easily, had an easy pregnancy, both my mum and my sister had easy labours, and I hoped that was a genetic thing and I would get it too. I had also read that 75% of first time mums are overdue by 1 week, so I was prepared for that, and I liked being pregnant. I never got to the “just get it out of me” stage.

She was due on 24th March. Sat 26th was our 1 year anniversary. We were fairly restricted on what we could do, so just went out for the day driving up Mount Tamborine. Some fairly rough roads round there. When my hubby talked to his Nan that night she recommended rough roads to help start off labour. So then I was like tick, without even knowing about it.

So Saturday (26th) even before going driving I was getting very infrequent contractions, but I thought they might be fake so kept bit of an eye on timing how far apart they were to see if they were getting any closer but that was about it. Sunday we went grocery shopping as usual, and same thing. Still not worried.

They started to get more regular about 6pm, 10-7 minutes apart. By 9pm they were still 7 minutes apart but getting stronger. I would clutch at the lounge with every contraction. At 11pm they were still 7 minutes apart. We went to bed. I tried to sleep, but kept getting disturbed by these contractions. Eventually I left bed for hubby to sleep and came to the lounge room with a pillow and blanket and tried to nap between contractions. Not easy!

As we had been told not to come to hospital til 3 minutes apart, I tried to grit through these as best I could because being 7 minutes apart still I thought they were only going to get worse.

Around 3.30am I went to the toilet and had blood for second time. I decided to call the hospital. They told me it probably wasn’t anything to worry about but come in and they will check me out.

Around 4am, I got my hubby out of bed, we got the maternity bag etc. and head in. At the hospital they had a doctor look me over. Not only was I 4cm dilated, but she could feel the head. This wasn’t even the birth suite, but it had its own toilet and shower too. I was told I should stay in there while they find free birth suite. So I stripped off and stayed in the shower through a few contractions. I didn’t think the shower was doing much for the pain until I was told I could move to birth suite. Doing without the hot water for the trip, I realised how good it had been.

The midwife when we got there was a bit blunt, but she gave me a pethidine injection and then luckily her shift was over. Her replacement, Andrea was fantastic. The pethidine didn’t help with the pain, but just relaxed me enough to nap between contractions. About an hour after the pethidine I told Andrea I was ready to push. She told me she doubted I would be dilated enough and to hold off and she would check.

Suddenly it was all go, she was calling in back up (standard procedure for them is to have 2 midwives on scene), and getting prepped. She said, “well that was a bit of a surprise”. 20 minutes later (and I don’t care that it was short, it was still painful as hell), my little girl was born.

They had to suction her airways because she was a bit blue. Breathing, but not crying or anything. They told me it was that the pethidine was just really kicking in as she was born so she copped a lot of it.

Oh and the gas did nothing. Not a thing. I only felt its effect once she was out and I got a little light headed.

I had my girl at Mater, public, in Brisbane, and I would totally recommend them to anyone. We hadn’t even looked around the hospital or done any of the classes because we had been forced to move and that took up so much time and effort. But it didn’t matter they were wonderful. Oh and even though public, only 2 to the room. And there was a great nurse on the ward who nursed my girl while I ate lunch – I was starving.

If I can recommend one thing, eat before you go to hospital if you can. They will advise you not to once under their care, especially with any drugs, but I was starving before the contractions got really bad, so by the end I could have eaten a horse.

Anyway, my contractions were so far apart, but if I had waited until 3 minutes apart, I wouldn’t have made it to the hospital. Also, best guess by the midwife is that my waters broke when she checked my dilation.

I guess, there are exceptions to the norm, so if you think bub is coming, go to hospital.