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Jane Barry

Midwife and Child Health Nurse

Latest Updated on 27/09/2023

About Jane Barry

Jane has qualifications in general, paediatric, immunisation, midwifery and child health nursing. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science (Nursing). Jane has almost 35 years specialist experience in child health nursing including clinical service delivery, service intake and development, policy advising, education, quality enhancement and outcome evaluation. She is a member of a number of professionally affiliated organisations including AHPRA, The Australasian Medical Writer’s Association, Health Writer Hub and Australian College of Children and Young People’s Nurses. Jane is also a member of the CSIRO Animal Ethics Committee. In 2018 she was awarded the Australian Dental Association award for excellence in dental journalism.

Jane currently combines clinical work with writing evidence-based information about parenting and children. Jane is also frequently engaged as a consultant and public speaker to provide guidance on parenting issues.

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