33 hour labour, by Rebekah

I remember trying to figure out how long my labour was going to be…I had asked my mother and aunties to maybe get a rough estimate how long mine might be! It seems I may have a labour between 10-15 hours based on family experiences! Boy was I wrong!!

Hubby had already taken time off work as our baby’s arrival was 8 days overdue and at my last doc appointment they had scheduled in a date to be induced. I remember getting as much sleep as I could, naps during the day, early nights and sleep ins. This one particular night though we decided to stay up and watch the Brownlow medals. BIG mistake!

2am I was woken with the first contractions, all in my back and never less than 12 mins apart. I remember thinking, “wow if this keeps up it won’t be a very long labour!” I woke my hubby and he stayed up with me through every contraction. We rang the hospital about 5 hours later and they said to wait a little longer….I suppose being able to speak to me on the phone meant it wasn’t progressing as quickly as I thought!

I remember putting the shower on the most powerful setting straight onto my lower back to ease the ache that I thought was quite intense…..we went for walks that morning up and down the Park with me complaining the whole way that I wanted to go home!! I didn’t want to be out in a park if the baby happened to come! We finally got home….totally exhausted by now and we both almost fell asleep on our bed between contractions which were only 12 mins apart at the most!

When the next contraction came we decided to head to the hospital… It had been over 10 hours already and we were so unsure about what was to come. Every book I had read had said that your contractions become more intense and closer together as the labour went on, but mine seemed to stay at the most 12 mins apart but was all over the place!!

We headed to the hospital and into the maternity ward. I was seen pretty much right away as I had been calling a few times during the day for advice whether to go in or not, so they were expecting me.

Turns out I was only 1cm dilated after about 15 hours and they sent me home with a script for panedine forte!!! My parents happened to live 2 mins down the road to the hospital so we headed there. I had a hot bath, long walks around the area, constantly stopping for contractions which were becoming more and more intense….but still all over the place. I paced up and down my parents hallway which seemed to feel like forever. Then at about 12am I had a contraction that literally brought me to tears and we knew it was time to go to the hospital.

I had internal checks and was only 3-4cm…..I was just glad there had been progress! They gave me a shot of pethidine to ease the pain, which only made me feel like I was hung over and to me quite pointless. It also made me quite nauseous and I threw up a few times. I knew I wouldn’t have that again as it was very unpleasant!! I was beyond exhaustion by now, I couldn’t walk around like I had been and was on a catheter and a drip. Near the end of my labour I had my poor exhausted hubby begging me to have an epidural, which I am totally against, but the midwife talked him out of it. A few hours before our baby arrived I remember opening my eyes after a huge contraction to find about 5 doctors and a room full of people around me, they thought the cord was wrapped around babies neck and his heart rate was going down. All we could do was pray…. In the end everything was ok, the cord was around his neck but not life threatening.

After a good 2 hours of pushing our gorgeous son Tyron was born weighing 7.7 lbs and 57cm long.

I cannot explain the joy I felt when they put him straight onto my chest. All the pain endured was worth every bit.

My husband was such a great support through it all and stayed awake and beside me the whole 33 hours. I was on such a buzz being a first time mum, I even remember walking to my room I was being shifted to and my hubby asking me if I’d do it all again…. And I said yes!!

I did know now that my pain threshold was quite good! Only having pethidine the once through the whole 33 hours and that’s all!

My son is now almost 2 years and we are expecting baby number 2 in 2 months time. We also found out we are having a girl this time so we are very excited!

Truly blessed to be a mum.