Pregnancy Photo Ideas

It's becoming more and more popular for pregnant women to want photographs of their pregnant belly.

Even if you think you'll never lose the mental picture of your pregnant self in the mirror, consider getting at least one photo taken. Photos are a beautiful way to capture and preserve this extraordinary time in your life. After all, pregnancy isn t forever and in the years to come you'll appreciate that you took the time and effort.

We know that being in front of a camera when you're already feeling a bit self-conscious could be a bit daunting. So, we have put together a list of helpful tips to help you plan and execute a stunning photo shoot of yourself and your growing baby.

Ideal locations for pregnancy photos

The location of your maternity shoot will set the mood of your photographs.

When you choose where you want to be photographed, start by telling the photographer what result you're looking for. They can help you get the perfect shot and will have lots of great pregnancy photo ideas. Be open to new suggestions and ideas you perhaps haven t thought about yourself. After all, they're experts!

Photo shoots in a studio

Having your pregnancy photo shoot in a studio could mean you have more control over the technicalities. The photographer can manipulate the lighting and the backdrop. And a big bonus is that you'll have total privacy. Privacy is especially important if you are interested in getting a naked or semi naked photo of yourself.

Photo shoot on location

Pregnancy photos in the great outdoors can be breathtaking. Places like the beach, a rocky shore or a national park during sunset or sunrise are all beautiful options. However, remember variables like the weather, temperature and lighting. All of these might affect the end result of your photo and could even shift your schedule around a bit.

Photo shoot at home

Getting a pregnant photo of yourself in your own home has its advantages too. You are likely to be more comfortable and relaxed, which often helps to produce a more natural photo.

Also, getting a snapshot of what everyday life is like now before your baby arrives may be a beautiful memory to capture.

Timing of your pregnancy photos

Choosing when to photograph your belly is completely up to you.

You could have a photo taken each month to document your growing body or wait until your belly is more pronounced. There isn t a right or wrong choice when it comes to your pregnancy photos. Just don t keep putting it off. Lots of women have been disappointed because they didn t organize their pregnancy photos in time before their baby was born.

Wardrobe choices for your pregnancy photos

Deciding what to wear on any given day can be a challenging decision. It's not surprising that for some women, choosing wardrobe pieces for pregnancy photos can be a bit overwhelming.

The most important thing to remember is that you want to look comfortable, calm and relaxed in your photos.

Whether you choose to go nude, drape a piece of fabric across yourself or don your favourite maternity dress there are many ways to cleverly hide flaws and help you feel classy and confident.

In general, try to choose fabrics that are a single block colour or that have a subtle pattern. You want the focus of the photo to be on you and your beautiful belly. Lots of women choose to have black and white photos taken.

If you choose to wear clothes, pick items that accentuate your shape, not hide it. And if you want to go for the semi naked look, consider wearing some nude coloured underwear under a piece of flowing fabric to help you feel a bit more comfortable.

Speak with your partner to see if they want to be involved as well. It's important they don t feel left out.

16/09/21 - min Read

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