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Exercises that focus on stretching and strengthening the lower body are number one on the “must do” lists of many pregnant women. Strong muscles in your lower body not only boost stamina and help to carry the extra weight but also assist in labour and delivery, and beyond.

At the top of the list is the pelvic floor muscle, which plays a critical role in the support of your pelvic organs before and after birth. Getting this muscle in peak working condition pays off in many ways, from helping push out baby to preventing postnatal incontinence. So even if you do nothing else, make sure you get into the habit of practicing the pelvic floor exercises at least several times a week.

The other lower body routines in this section of Huggies pregnancy yoga include exercises for reducing aches and pains such as sciatica. There’s also an easy and very effective routine to help reduce puffiness in your feet and ankles.

Take it easy

There is no need to over exert yourself. The beauty of yoga is that it works without a massive effort. For best results, make sure that you finish one pose completely before you move on to the next. You should also aim for smooth and controlled breathing.

Start lower body pregnancy yoga today

Your first lower body yoga pose is easy buttock stretch on the floor

Then work your way through our other lower body yoga poses for pregnant women:

wag the tail pose

leg strengthener pose

ankle rotation & calf stretch exercise

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