dessert recipe: toddler eating dessert

Dessert Recipes

Eating desserts is the ultimate way to say “I deserve something naughty” every now and then. Looking up dessert recipes and making them for others is how we share the love.

But can desserts be healthy? And, can they be quick and easy? Yes they can. We’ll give you some tips and recipe ideas that you can whip up in no time or make with the kids.

Quick Dessert Recipes

Very few of us have the time to create a croquembouche or sculpt a soufflé. Here are some ideas for desserts that won’t take hours.

Trifles – the beautiful thing about trifles is that they are not pretty. Presentation is taken out of the equation here – it’s all about flavour. Cram your favourite jars or glasses with crumbled cake, cookies, cream, custard, berries, pears, even jelly – you name it.
Pancakes – pancakes can be adorned and added to. They are a luxurious dessert idea. Jazz up your batter with chocolate chips or cacao powder, then top with caramel, banana, apples, berries, ice cream, marshmallows, or sprinkles. Cut them into shapes or stack them high for a pancake cake.

Healthy Dessert Recipes

Desserts can feel a bit naughty without necessarily being bad for your health.

Did you know that a creamy panna cotta can be low in fat when the heavy cream is substituted for a yoghurt? And, a luscious fruit tart can be made completely free from sugar. By using the natural sweetness of apples and figs, for example, you can help yourself to an extra slice of pie. What about cheesecake? Surely there is no way to make that healthy? Keep an eye out for dairy-free cheesecakes that are full of the insoluble fibre of chickpeas and flavoured with dates, vanilla bean and coconut.

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