breakfast recipes: toddlers enjoying breakfast

Breakfast Recipes

There’s nothing quite like starting the day with a delicious and healthy breakfast.

Very few of us have the time to cook a balanced breakfast every day, but with a little planning and a collection of nutritious and easy breakfast ideas, half the work is done.

Complete breakfast meals

There is absolutely nothing wrong with adding the milk of your choice to a healthy cereal, or enjoying a slice of toast and vegemite. Let’s face it, sometimes that is all we can get our kids to eat in the morning. But, for a real burst of energy to set your family up for the day, there’s nothing like a breakfast that’s teaming with fibre and vitamins.

4 tips for to boost your breakfast foods

Enhance your cereal

A bowl of cereal that is rich in whole grains and low in sugar can be a great starting place for a delectable breakfast.

By simply adding some greek yoghurt, banana slices and berries, you are giving your bowl a fresh twist. For an added crunch, try topping it off with nuts, like chopped almonds. If you feel the need for some sweetness, sultanas or raisins can be a tasty treat.

Please note, if your child suffers from a nut allergy avoid adding nuts to cereal. Also, keep in mind children under 5 should avoid whole nuts to eliminate the risk of choking.

Top up your toast

A slice of warm toast with your morning juice is a nice, quick breakfast meal. But why not make things a little more interesting? It wouldn’t be right not to mention avocado. Add some feta and cracked pepper and you’re in heaven. But what about beans? Mushrooms? Pear and melted cheddar? Test your little one’s palate with some toast toppers.

Leverage your leftovers

Ever had a bowl of leftover vegetables from dinner and not been sure what to do with them? How about some cooked chicken or an extra fillet of baked salmon? Well, why not pop them into a casserole, frittata, or muffin? It’s the perfect way to save time and food, while eating a cooked breakfast.

Slow cook some oats

Overnight oats require so little effort and provide complex flavours and real nutrition. Just add some steel cut oats and the milk and / or yoghurt of your choice to a jar and leave them overnight. You can add honey, vanilla extract, maple syrup, cacao, bananas and berries, etc. The sky is the limit for this portable and easy breakfast food.

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