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Four Great Outdoor and Indoor Activities for Children

Entertaining your children can be a lot of fun. But it may get tricky coming up with new and interesting ideas every day.
We’ve come up with four fun and easy ways to stir things up during playtime. Every activity involves little to no cost and can be set up in just a couple of minutes.

Two fun outdoor kids’ activities

When the sun is out and you have boisterous kiddies inside, open the doors and take playtime outside with these two entertaining outdoor kids’ activities:

1. All Blacks rugby throw game.

Bring the home team to your backyard with this non-contact ball game and let the kids practise their passing. Boys and girls of all ages can join in.

You’ll need:

  • An old white sheet
  • Scissors
  • Black paint or duct/duck tape
  • Rugby (or other) ball

How to set it up:

  • Cut two or three holes of different sizes out of your old sheet (make sure the ball can well and truly fit though each one).
  • Paint a simple All Blacks silver fern in one corner. You can also write your kid’s’ favourite players’ names above each hole if you have space. If you don’t have any paint, use thin black duct tape as an outline instead.
  • Peg the sheet to the clothes line or fence.
  • Take turns passing the ball through each hole. The smaller the hole, the trickier the throw.
  • Bring out water and half-time orange wedges when everyone gets hungry!

2. Slip and slide.

When everyone needs to cool off in the summer heat, a simple slip and slide in the yard or nearby park is the perfect remedy. Just make sure you supervise this activity carefully. One child at a time and going down on their bottoms, not head first.

What you need:

  • An approx. 10 metre length of plastic sheeting (or long tarpaulin)
  • A safe weight i.e. a sand bag
  • Garden hose

How to set it up:

  • Roll out the plastic or tarp on a slight incline or flat grassy surface and secure it with something soft but heavy, like a sand bag. You can just tightly hold one end if you don’t have a weight.
  • Drench the plastic with the garden hose to make it nice and slippery.
  • Get the kids in their swimming costume and start sliding!

Two simple indoor kids’ activities

When outside isn’t an option, there are plenty of fun indoor activities you can set up in no time at all.
A great way to prepare for indoor activities is by collecting a box of supplies to keep at the ready. That way you can pull it out at a moment’s notice and keep the kids amused for hours without any fuss.

Next time you’re looking for a fun way to entertain the kids inside without the television or computer, try these simple but fun ideas:

1. Fruity car racing.

Combine snack time and play time with this clever no-bake recipe for fruity race cars.

You’ll need:

  • One red apple and about eight grapes
  • Some toothpicks
  • Masking tape

To make your race cars:

  • Core and slice a red apple into wedges and halve the same amount of seedless grapes.
  • Hold a wedge of apple (skin side facing upwards), and attach a halved grape, (flat side facing out) to the end using a toothpick. Slide the other half of the grape on the opposite side of the apple wedge. Repeat at the other end so you end up with four ‘wheels’.
  • Mark a line on the kitchen bench or a tray with masking tape and race your fruity cars down the ‘track’.
  • The winner gets to eat their snack first.

2. Maori tattoo face masks.

Get your child’s creative juices flowing while teaching them about an interesting aspect of Maori culture – Maori facial tattoos known as Ta Moko.

You’ll need:

  • Skin-coloured paper or cardboard
  • Black marker
  • Elastic, string or a paddle pop stick


  • Cut a face shape from your coloured paper.
  • Cut out some holes for the eyes.
  • Get some pictures of actual face tattoos together for inspiration.
  • Decorate the paper mask with black marker in tattoo-like patterns.
  • When you’ve finished drawing, make a hole on either side of the mask and tie some elastic or string through. If you don’t have any elastic, you can glue a paddle pop stick to the bottom of the mask.