separation anxiety

Leaving our children in the care of others is never easy, but it does get easier over time. And it’s very normal for our children to struggle with the separation as well. Today the mums discuss separation anxiety and the techniques they have used to ease our children into daycare. Sarah Bryden-Brown, suggests that having a ‘goodbye routine’ helps the child to understand what is going to happen and there are no surprises. This helps your baby or toddler to feel secure in their situation.

Separation anxiety

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Jenny Coen, child counsellor, explains that separation anxiety is not limited to the child, but more often than not relates to both mums and child or dad and the child. She recommends that the parent say goodbye in a positive way so that the child can feel that mum and dad are comfortable with the separation and they are more likely to feel OK as well.

Sophie Faulkiner’s tip for childcare drop off is to talk about the upcoming day’s events to give your child a sense of time and perspective. For example, “you will have lunch and a sleep, then it will be playtime and a story and then mummy will be back to pick you up.”

All the mum’s can laugh at the fact that the tears are very short lived and usually turned on for the benefit of mum or dad who are left feeling guilty for the rest of the day while your child has moved on as soon as you were out of sight.

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