Birthday parties

With just a little bit of creativity and a touch of flair, you can create a great birthday party for your child. The girls, all agree that a modern day birthday party is all about the ‘bling’ (which entertainer, which venue and how many helium balloons can fit into one house?) The reality is, most of the party paraphenalia goes over the head of the guest of honour and what they cherish and enjoy is the fun of a party. Good old fashioned games like pin the tail on the donkey and musical statues are recognised as being among the favourites.

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Tracey Corbin-Matchett brings her two girls onto the set to show us one of their favourite party themes, a magical mermaid’s cave. The decorations are made from things around the home and this provides some food for thought for all mums on what they can do themselves. YOu can read more of Tracey’s ideas here on the Huggies website.

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