feeding your children

Our guests share their breastfeeding stories and experiences – mastitis, cracked nipples, getting the attachment right, positioning your baby – they candidly discuss them all. Lea Wilson has breastfed all 3 of her children, however they each presented her with different issues, especially her third child who was born with a tooth which of course had implications for breastfeeding.

Feeding your children

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Christine Kelman shared her experience of a very painful bout of mastitis which took her by surprise. She was completely unprepared for how unwell she became so very quickly. After a course of antibiotics she recovered but if left untreated mastitis can be very serious. Not every woman will get mastitis but all the mums agree that the early days of breastfeeding can be painful. Jennifer Hamilton, mothercraft nurse, suggests that even with the correct attachment and positioning, breastfeeding can be still be painful for up to 6 weeks.

Jennifer also offers advice to Leonie who is trying to wean her baby on to a bottle for medical reasons. She recommends consistency when weaning. Baby’s learn by familiarity whether it be sleep or feeding.

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