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Guests: On the Couch

Well known actress and TV personality, Alyssa-Jane Cook, joins Rachel to talk about family, pets and relationships

Andrew Baxter

Andrew Baxter shares his personal experiences with us about how he combines being an advertising executive with his role of being a husband and father.

Anissa Kapadia provides some tips on how to take the best photographs of your kids.

Chantelle Newbery has won Olympic and Commonwealth Gold medals for her diving. Yet she is proud to say that her two greatest achievements in her life are her 2 sons. She has been very successful in combing her sport with her family life.

Christine Kelman is a mum of a toddler in the midst of the ‘terrible two’s’ and is pregnant. She finds new ways to discipline her toddler.

Danielle Meredith is a Red Cross nurse who shows some of the basic first aid techniques and talks about keeping our children safe.

Dr Cindy Pan is a well recognised GP. She is also the author of recently released ‘Playing Hard to Get’ and reveals insights into relationships.

Fiona Worsley certainly has her hands full. She is the mother of quads who are just aged 2.

Gina Jeffreys

Country music singer and mum to her toddler, Jackson. Gina Jeffreys, talks candidly about her change in priorities.

Gwen Jones Palmer

Gwen Jones Palmer is a mum who joins the boys for their chat on the couch. She is the wife of Rob Palmer and busy mum.

Helen Reese is a psychologist and an expert on communication and behavioural issues. She provides some great insights on the show. She provides counselling services as part of her practice.

Jane Brady

Jane Brady is a qualified nurse and mother of a 10 month old daughter.

Jenny Coen is a child counsellor who helps us to understand the link between nutrition and behaviour in our children.

Kate Hale is a lactation expert and midwife. She provides some great tips on many aspects of parenting.

First time motherhood has been challenging yet amazingly rewarding for Katrina Richardson. I’ll be returning to my other job as a marketing manager for Expedia on a part time basis soon, but for now, Maddy keeps me extremely busy.

Kelly Schofield talks candidly about her experience after the birth of her baby when she suffered from Post Natal Depression.

As a former Miss Australia, Sydney Weekender reporter and busy mum to three young children, Lea Wilson’s life never has a dull moment! You can catch her each week on the 7 network.

Leonie Scott, mother of two, is looking for some support and guidance with sleep and feeding her children.

Lisa Gould talks candidly about her experience after the birth of her baby when she suffered from Post Natal Depression.

Lochie Daddo

Lochie Daddo is known to us as a TV personality, but is simply Dad to his family. He shares an interesting idea on how to balance the family time with a little ‘dad’ time.

Best known as a celebrity, Melissa Bell has also taken on the real-life role of a mother to her three adorable children, Dylan (8), Jonathan (5) and Isabella (2) and step-mum to her husband’s two teenage daughters.

Monica Trapaga is one of Australia’s most successful and versatile celebrities. She remains a favourite among the pre-school set. She is also the popular presenter of the locally produced pre-school program PLAYHOUSE DISNEY.

Rob Palmer

Rob Palmeris a presenter on the TV show Better Homes and Gardens. He joins the lads to talk about his experience as a dad.

As a single mum of two children, Sally Burleigh faces different challenges.

Sarah Bryden-Brown

Sarah Bryden-Brown is editor of and author of The Lost Art of Childhood, published by Random House. She was previously editor of Family Circle and Donna Hay and lives in Sydney with her husband and two children.

Sheryl Sidery is a Midwife at the Royal Hospital for Women and runs a group called ‘Mumsense’. She also assists in home births.

Sophie Faulkiner

Sophie Faulkner has managed to successfully combine the role of mother with her role as a celebrity and media personality.

Sue Hodges, mother of two talks about her experience with a caesarean birth.

Tracey Corbin-Matchettis passionate about empowering women by addressing social issues in her work role. As the mum of kids with a variety of critical health issues I am truly thankful for all of the amazing people who have helped shape the physical and emotional well being of my kids, especially my mum Peg, who is just the worlds best Nanna!!!

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