when kids are sick

It’s not easy dealing with a child who is not well. When do you go to the doctor? And what things should parents look out for when their child is sick? Dr Martine Walker tells us to seek medical help when:

  • Young babies with a fever may have a serious infection and should always be seen by a Doctor, especially if they are under 3 months.
  • Babies whose behaviour has changed may be unwell. A parent is usually the best judge of this.
  • A baby is flat, lethargic and is not interacting.
  • A baby has any difficulty with breathing for example they are panting, grunting, gasping for breath then you should act quickly.

When kids are sick

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The mums also discuss traditional versus alternative medicine – are they suitable for babies? Dr Martine Walker, advises against using alternative methods for very young babies and emphasizes the importance of seeking medical advice, however she supports the use of alternative medicine in some circumstances. For example, a toddler who has suffered from a case of diarrhoea will benefit from taking probiotics to help with recovery.

Karen Fischer, nutritionist couldn’t agree more and tells the story of how changing her daughter’s diet helped with her eczema. She has provided an article so we can all learn more and answers our Huggies Club members questions.*

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