Episode 8 Live Q&A: Karen Fischer (Nutritionist)

Former TV presenter, Karen Fischer, is now a qualified nutritionist; health columnist and an author (health book due for release in 2008). She specialises in skin complaints, eczema and diet.

My 2 year old daughter seems to be allergic to every orange food (fruits and vegetables, such as pumpkin, carrots, peaches, aprictos) and those high in vitamin C content (broccoli, avocado. eggplant), she gets a bad rash if she eats anything with added Vitamin C or citric acid – do you have any advice of what I can do other than avoid these foods?

Your child may have salicylate sensitivity as the foods mentioned are all high in this natural plant chemical. This sensitivity is very common in eczema sufferers. Salicylates are found in many fruits and vegetables (and products such as sauces and gravies). Salicylates don’t usually pose a problem to our health but in the case of eczema, the liver clears them out too slowly so they build up and contribute to inflammation. Temporarily take all of these foods out of the diet and speak to a naturopath about a suitable children’s supplement to help reduce salicylate sensitivity. See the eczema fact sheet on the Huggies website for more information on ‘implementing dietary changes for two months.’
Kind regards, Karen

What can i feed my 8 month old other than the tinned food for lunch. I’m really stuck on what to give him? Also he has very bad eczema, how can i help this?

Hi, For an 8 month old you can give your child vegetables, beans and rice that are cooked and pureed (a small food processor makes it easy and quick). Serve lukewarm and freeze leftovers in a ice cube container. Best food choices for eczema are potato, choko, peas, kidney beans, baby rice, carrot and sweet potato. See my Eczema Fact Sheet online for more information on eczema.
Kind regards, Karen

“hi karen i have a 15month old little girl, she only has 4 teeth and i am presuming she is teething, we have some good days and bad days of eating, my concern though is how much dairy should she have daily? and she gets a rash around her mouth from certain cheeses, mainly spreads, would that be preservitives or could it be a dairy allergy…? she seems to be fine with plain cows milk, no reaction..she has always had very sensitive skin though. with eczema behind her knees and on her torso..its seems to have cleared now though..it seems to be effected by the weather.. the other problem i have had with her, is ulcers- what could be causing these, and whats the best way to treat them…its causing us sleepless nights” thanks caryn

Your child is at the perfect age to effectively treat eczema. Preservatives and other artificial additives can trigger an eczema flare-up so it’s best to avoid them. Dairy can trigger eczema flare ups but she doesn’t need to avoid all dairy if her skin has cleared up. Dairy dosage for a 15 month old is 2 bottles of full cream milk (can be diluted with