Episode 6 Live Q&A: Karen Fischer (Nutritionist)

Former TV presenter, Karen Fischer, is now a qualified nutritionist; health columnist and an author (health book due for release in 2008). She specialises in skin complaints, eczema and diet. She has answered questions from our Huggies Club members as part of the Live Q&A session following episode 6 of Mums & Bubs.

For more information visit her website Health Before Beauty.

My child is three. What should I be feeding her?

It’s important to make sure your child eats protein every day (preferably with every main meal). PROTEIN foods include: fish, eggs, chicken, red meat and ‘combined’ vegetarian protein such as beans/legumes mixed with grains (like baked beans on grainy toast). A diet rich in FISH is also important for optimal brain development. Favour fish that is rich in omega-3 include trout, salmon and sardines and avoid larger fish varieties such as flake, which can be high in mercury. If your child is vegetarian or allergic to fish then give her