picky eaters

Each household seems to have at least one fussy eater. What happens when you are a mum of quads? Fiona lets us know that mealtime can be chaotic and stressful and requires almost a military operation to get all the toddlers to eat together, especially when one of them is a particularly fussy eater. It takes a lot of hard work to ensure that a picky eater does eat a healthy and well balanced diet.

Picky eaters

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Fiona has decided that giving into a fussy eater really doesn’t work. Karen Fischer, nutritionist, confirms this and suggests that being firm and continuing to provide healthy and nutritious foods is very important. Karen believes that it is a parents responsibility to choose the healthy option for the kids as they are unable to make the right choice for themselves as they are really only guided by their tastebuds at a young age. Get tough for your children’s benefit is the key message.

Jenny Coen, Child Counsellor, suggests that children’s behaviour can be affected by what they eat. There is research to support that additives and preservatives used in our everyday foods is often the cause of ‘bad’ behaviours in our children. Tracey (mum of 2) can vouch for the affect that additives have on kids first hand. Her daughter’s behaviour changes dramatically after eating food colourings to the point where she can be violent towards herself. Jenny suggests that lots of mums give these foods with additives and preservatives without being aware that they could be the things causing ‘bad’ behaviour in their kids.
Don’t have bad food in the house is Tracey’s answer, and then the child doesn’t have the option to choose an unhealthy alternative. Fiona also recommends being a role model for your children and chooses not to eat junk food in front of her own children.

Tracey’s children have a new appreciation of where food comes from since they planted a vegetable patch in the garden and got chickens who lay plenty of eggs. Now her girls help to pick and wash the vegetables and are very happy to eat what they have made.

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