Cooking with Janelle Bloom

Rachel joins Janelle in the kitchen to prepare some delicious recipes with hidden vegetables to entice the fussiest of eaters. Janelle suggests that getting the kids involved in the meal preparation is an important part of encouraging them to eat well.

Cooking with Janelle Bloom

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Her tips include:

  • Get the kids to help
  • Make a meal look interesting
  • Sneak the vegies in where ever you can
  • Finely chopped vegetables are your best bet
  • Bite size pieces can be easier for toddlers to manage

She shows us how easy it is to turn a ‘boring’ lunch into a fun meal with sandwich sushi and shares her Choc Chip Banana Bread recipe. It’s sure to be a family favourite and can be pre-sliced and frozen ready for playgroup lunch boxes. We have a huge selection of recipes available on the Huggies website.

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