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It’s never too early to start reading to your child. Even from birth books should be an integral part of each day. Offer a variety of books and make it fun and you are on your way to establishing good reading habits for life. Brett Osmond, from the Huggies Book Club joins Rachel to show us some of his favourite children’s books.

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Fluffy Chick is a great first book for baby as it’s cloth and you can chew, eat or throw the book with out any problems. This allows your baby to explore the idea of ‘reading’ right from the start. Board books are also a terrific option for babies and toddlers as they’re incredibly sturdy and durable during the period when they are most likely to grab or rip at the pages – great value.

Brett suggests that the illustrations should be bright and interesting. Mem Fox’s book, Where is the Green Sheep?, is a perfect example of a great children’s book. She uses repetition and rhyme to engage the young reader.

All book discussed by Brett are available from Huggies Book Club. They can be delivered to your door anywhere in Australia or New Zealand and Huggies Club members automatically receive a discount on all our books and free delivery.

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