pets and kids

Owning a pet is every child’s dream and children can learn so much from loving and caring for their pets. But before jumping in to add a new member to the family, consider Dr Katrina Warren’s advice. Dr Katrina joined us today with a four legged friend to discuss pets and kids. What should we consider before combining pets and kids?

Pets and kids

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If you already have a pet, it’s important to change the pet’s routine well in advance of bringing the new baby home. This way, your favourite pet doesn’t associate your baby as the reason why they can no longer sleep inside. Katrina suggests making these changes at least a few months earlier.

Of course all parents are concerned about the potential for a pet to become aggressive to their child, but Katrina reminds us that even playful behaviour can injure a child just by knocking them over. She also reminds us that if you do have pets and kids together it’s imprtant to maintain a good worming and flea treatment for your animal to keep both the pet and your baby heallthy.

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