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 Being a mum

Parenting Videos Online - Episode 1

Episode 1: Being a mum

The ladies discuss what it means to be a mum – what changed from the first moment you found out you were pregnant, what no one told you and the best and most challenging aspects of motherhood. They also delve into the topic of body image post-baby and the common, yet unspoken, issue of incontinence affecting 1 in 3 women.

Episode 1 Being a mum

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Our guests include:

  • Australian country music sensation, Gina Jeffreys
  • Olympic diver and gold medalist, Chantelle Newbery
  • GP, Dr Martine Walker
  • Nurse and Mother, Jane Brady

Q&A session:

  • Lauren and Michelle from Preggi Bellies have answered Huggies Club members questions about returning to exercise and specifically about your pelvic floor.

Read on for more information and to watch each of the segments from the show.

What it means to be a mum

Join the girls for an honest discussion on what it means to be a mum. Does becoming a mum change who you are as a person? We look at the things that change from the minute bub was born as well as the inevitable changes that gradually take place over time. What about those things no one told you about? The girls get these out into the open. Lastly we look at the what are the best and most challenging parts of being a mum.

Pelvic floor muscles

Although the thought of talking about your post baby body makes most new mum’s uncomfortable, it can help to chat about it. The girls talk about their body image and what they really think of their post baby bodies. We bring out into the open the common, yet unspoken, issue of incontinence affecting 1 in 3 Australian women. Don’t worry, it’s not all bad news there are ways to manage it and exercises you can do to help.

Getting into shape after baby

Time to get active girls! Special guests Lauren Gabriel and Michelle Gray from Preggi Bellies join us on the couch and discuss exercising not only your pelvic floor, but how to get your whole body back into shape after baby. They also demonstrate a great range of exercises using the exercise ball that you can do in the comfort of your lounge room.

Lauren and Michelle also provides answers to our Huggies Club member questions.

Health & fitness books

Brett from the Huggies BookClub drops in with some great reading suggestions on the topics of fitness and motherhood. If you would like to buy any of the books featured on the show just visit the Huggies BookClub at anytime. All book are discounted for Huggies Club Members.

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