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Caring for Kids

This six hour course is designed to teach the basic management principles involved in the minding of babies, pre schoolers and school aged children. Emphasis is placed on safety and the course will give people confidence for coping with emergency situations and baby- sitting responsibilities. The course was designed in conjunction with the NZ Police and the Plunket Trust.

The knowledge and skills you will learn in the Baby Sitter course will enable you to manage an emergency situation until help arrives. When an accident does occur, it is vital to have someone who has the skills to assist children in an emergency.

The Baby Sitters course content includes:

  • Handling baby
  • Coping with toddlers and young children
  • Personal safety and emergencies
  • Resuscitation of infants and children
  • Care of baby and child
  • Responsibilities and baby-sitting
  • First aid and coping with illness

Alternatively, you can complete the Basic Life Support (CPR) Course which will provide you with a broader knowledge of treating emergency situations.

The Basic Life Support (CPR) course includes:

  • Recognising respiratory and cardiac arrest
  • Rescue breathing
  • Clearing an obstructed airway
  • Managing a heart attack
  • Practical work on an adult, child and infant manikin
  • Establishing an airway – External cardiac compressions
  • Signs and symptoms of a heart attack
  • “Self Protection” for the rescuer

To find out more about all courses offered in your local area, contact St John.

First Aid Kits

Every home should have a fully stocked first aid kit. They can make all the difference when dealing with an emergency.

St John Ambulance have a range of first aid kits available for purchase on their website. View the available kits.

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