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18month old not talking at all ??? Lock Rss

Don't stress - my son at 2 and a half used no words at all - like yours, not even 'no' or 'mum'! We did go to see a speech therapist, which was useful in that she was able to say there was no obvious problem, and the building blocks of language were all there. Only a month later, he now uses about three new words a day - right on track now.

So go see a SLT if only to set your mind at ease, but most likely there is nothing wrong. You will know yourself if there is a big underlying issue.
Hi There! As an SLT I would recommend seeing an SLT for a look see! It's probably nothing to be too concerned about, as kids all develop at different rates and the fact she is babbling is a good thing. In saying that, seeing an SLT will be valuable in that they can suggest things to encourage speech and language development.
There are lots of ways to encourage speech
Kids learn by example, so narrate your daily outings and routines. It's important to use the word frequently. eg when you are driving in the car and you stop at a red light. "look at that RED light. We've stopped at the RED light! When will the RED light change? What else is RED? Oo, that car is RED, and that rood is RED and that ladies jumper is RED etc etc"
Also, book reading is a fantastic way of talking about things and encouraging naming.
Additionally, turn off the TV. Studies have recommended that children under the age of 2 should not be exposed to ANY TV (ever wonder why Disney's Baby Einstein put forward a formal statement that their program doesn't make your baby clever, and in fact may be detrimental to their learning!!!)
There are so many things to do to help, and your SLT should cover them.

Just remember that you are the best person to implement techniques because you can do them all day every day!

Also, eliminate Autism from your mind, until MANY more factors become apparent. Bring this up with your SLT and don't stress about it.

Good luck and I'm sure some great speech is just around the corner!!!! smile
My 18 month old is also not talking and the health nurse referred me to speech therapy which I haven't booked yet because I think it's a bit over the top. He points to things when he wants them, I can ask him to get his shoes and he'll go and get them and bring them to me, he makes lots of noises and grunts when he wants our attention so I'm not worried at all. He's very affectionate and a real people person so that rules out autism. Unless your little girl is not making eye contact or wanting cuddles I would not worry about autism at all. Most 18 month olds have a short attention span and are full of beans! I'm just going to keep an eye on him and if he's still not saying anything at two then I'll do something about it. After all, Einstein didn't talk until he was four!
Hi there. The reason I thought I might input here is because something our audiologist said to me. My little baby girl had some deafness in one ear, so we had a big talk around milestones. If babies keep babbling then suddenly stop babbling or talking around the 12 to 18 month mark, then that can be a sign of deafness. If however baby babbles a bit, stops, then continues to babble it's them listening to the conversation, then rejoing it. So it could be your daughter is doing a lot of listening then waiting for a quieter time to talk! I don't know if that helps ????
Don't worry about it. After 2 years the baby talking clearly.
That is the silliest comment I have heard. Years ago autism used to be add/adhd? Um no, incorrect. They are two completely different problems.
Hi, not saying it is but keep an eye on Bub's hearing. Is bub responding to different voices and sounds consistently? Does bub look at you/eye contact when you talk to them?
My friend who I babysat for had a baby who at 2 yrs old would only communicate with 'meh' and a couple of other sounds. She seemed to respond to people well, but would not make direct eye contact when spoken to. A highly sociable and bubbly, happy baby, who loved cuddles and laughed so easily. Who'd have guessed that when mum pushed to see the ENT he discovered she had zero hearing and needed grommets for both ears. This is after seeing a Speechie and two visits to a well-respected Paediatrician who only said, I don't see anything wrong. Later, mum also found out she needed glasses with high degree of shortsightedness (she would stand close to tv to watch kids shows but could dance to songs).
Just something to monitor. Autism is really the last diagnosis: other signs of autism are not wanting to be touched, hating certain foods (textures), not liking to be touched/contact with certain surfaces (sensory overload), not engaging emotionally or difficulty expressing emotions - huge extremes of docile periods to big tantrums (frustration and poor emotional regulation). Not just signs of ADD. Autistic kids can also be highly intelligent but not be able to read people so communicate inappropriately.
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