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ttc for 2 years and nothing

Hi, I’m new here and I hope you’ll give me some advice! I'm 36, married, we have no children...

12 replies

Dinafoxx9cloud wrote: Hi, I’m new here and I hope you’ll give me some advice! I'm 36, married, we have no children, but we real...



Hey you all. So the egg retrieval is done. The hard part is over. Not gonna lie, it was tough. Bu...

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James Brown wrote: Congratulations I hope you are fine. Hello. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your concern. I'm mostly ...


positive faint line pregnancy test.

Hi,im new here and very nervous as I have taken a first response pregnancy test which has present...

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C_Lains wrote: OMG, I'm sorry to hear about your losses..I hope you've got your positive proved so far. And that things ar...

dancing queen

36 and ttc for over 1 year

Hey everyone I am in need of some help please!! I am turning 37 in May and my husband and I have ...

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I'm gonna add. My RE diagnosed me with blocked fallopian tubes and low egg count. She said my ovaries looked okay. Below are my...


four months left now

Hi guys. I want to tell you all about a friend of mine. I used to post here about her IVF journey...

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Can anyone recommend me the best product from the list mentioned in this site.

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