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Hi there, I am currently 9w 2 days and I am freaking out.

I am terrified that I will have a miscarriage. I can’t keep my anxiety at bay ( I suffer from dep...

2 replies

Anxiety about miscarriage is very common in pregnancy. As the previous member commented, there's nothing you can do about it ap...


My baby boy is 3 weeks old no name????

Can't decide on baby boy name need initial j as siblings are all j names Jasmine Jessica Jay...

4 replies

I vote for Jacob too


Empty gestational sac

Hi everyone, I'm a little concerned at the moment, I went for a scan today, just a routine d...

3 replies

There's no chance that you ovulated later than usual? Did you use ovulation tests?


Help please!! What are my chances?!

Hi all! I need heaps of advice, I'm doing my head in! I believe to have conceived on day 15...

1 reply

Unfortunately it's an issue with First Response. I have had false positives with them and so have heaps of others on forums I f...


Managing the emotional and social cost of babies

1 reply

That's a great post! So true about how challenging it can be to cope with sleep deprivation especially early on. And that...

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