The queue jumper by Heather

I had my baby shower at work that afternoon. There was still 4.5 weeks before baby was due and 2 more weeks of work left. I had a sore back for most of the day, but nothing too terrible. By the time I got home from work, I had what felt like period pain. I jumped in the bath to see if that would help. I phoned the midwife at 7:30pm and said that I was a bit sore. She assured me that it was Braxton Hicks – just take a couple of Panadol, the pain will be gone in an hour. At 9:30pm, I phoned the midwife again. I was still very uncomfortable (not in horrific pain though). I could feel tightening but it didn’t ease off, I just got another one. Again she assured me that I wasn’t in labour – if I was in labour I’d feel a contraction, nothing, then a contraction again. This wasn’t what I was feeling so I was happy to carry on. She said that it was just everything stretching and to go to bed with a hot water bottle.

At 11:30pm, I went to the toilet and found a tiny bit of blood. Again I phoned the midwife – this time concerned also that I hadn’t felt the baby move in a while – she said to come into the hospital and be checked out just in case. She still didn’t think I was in labour. We got to the hospital at 11:50pm and the midwife arrived at about 12am. She checked me over and said oh – you’re ready to go. Hubby asked what she meant by that – how dilated was I? We had done our ante natal classes about labour – the whole course wasn’t finished! – and had been told to expect to be in labour for at least 24hours! I was fully dialted!!!! Our midwife broke my waters – at that point I started feeling the contractions as I was supposed to!!! She ran me a bath and gave me some gas. I stayed in the bath until her head was crowning then they got me out and on to the bed.

Anastasia was born at 1:21am – 1.5 hours after we got to hospital and only 8 hours after leaving work for the day! She was 4.5 weeks early – she wanted to see her baby shower presents! We had no camera with us, as we were only going to the hospital for a check up – not to have a baby! Ha Ha – Anastasia had other ideas. My birth experience was just fantastic. I couldn’t believe the way that my body knew just what to do! Our midwife was great and left us to get on with it just popping in and out to make sure things were okay – not at all intrusive. It felt like having her was something that my husband and I had done together. It was just awesome. Anastasia was okay – spent 6 days in SCBU being very well looked after by the nurses and has been very healthy ever since. There was no explanation for her coming early – no infection or anything – they called her a queue jumper! We completed our ante natal classes – taking our baby along with us!