Baby and mum sleep

Our Tiny Parcel

At 10 weeks pregnant I started to bleed, we thought we were going to lose our precious baby as I had already lost 2 babies before like this. We had an ultrasound and all appeared fine. I bled for 2 weeks!!

Right from the start our Doctors could not give us an exact due date as the baby’s size was fluctuating. There was always a 2 week difference!

At 24 weeks I had a hospital appointment when I mentioned that I had noticed I was leaking fluid. The hospital just told me that it was from a weak bladder. At 26 weeks I woke up and found I was bleeding again, and had a lot of fluid loss. Immediately we rang the hospital and were advised to head straight to hospital. I was now informed that it was actually amniotic fluid and that my membranes had ruptured.

I was given a dose of steroids for the baby’s lungs to develop as they believed I was going to have this baby with 48 hours. Never before has so many emotions ran through my body. I was not allowed to leave hospital; I was on bed rest until the baby came! Over the next few weeks, I was monitored very closely in hospital. Our daughter was born at 32 weeks. For some reason my body was able to hold her in for 6 more weeks. She was immediately taken away from me and placed in a humidy crib. This was to be her home for the next 5 weeks.

Our daughter weighed 3lb 9oz and was a tiny 38cm long.

We were very lucky that she came out breathing and did not require any oxygen or other machines to help her breath. She had tube feeds the whole time she was in hospital, which was very hard to watch as I wanted to cuddle her and feed her myself! The emotions and rollercoaster rides that both myself and husband have been on (and are still on) is something that has made us become such a close family. Nothing can prepare parents for the birth of a premature baby. It is such an emotional, sad, happy, stressful, yet rewarding time.

Our daughter is still very little at 5 months, but I think all good things come in small packages!

This story was written by Natalie