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LOVE GIVING BIRTH, by Rivahmoo23

Giving birth has got to be one of the most Amazing Abilities a woman is gifted with. Words can’t describe how Magical the whole experience is. I’m a 1st time mummy and gave birth to my beautiful daughter on the 5th June 2011. She was 9 days overdue, I went into hospital on Friday 1st June and early Saturday I had gel inserted to help soften my cervix. Within 10 minutes of having that done I was having contractions which were being monitored. For 22 hours it was all false labour. Apart from being a little bit uncomfy, 9 days overdue and impatiently keen to meet my Baby girl, I was feeling great, I was given a shot of pethidine for my contractions and to try to relax me. The nurses hoped it would help me get some rest which never happened =).

By 9pm that night I got a 2nd dose of pethidine and finally fell to sleep only to be woken up at 12:30 by a contraction that was soo much more intense than all the other contractions. I knew it was the real deal. A nurse went and ran me a bath and I relaxed in it for a few hours, then went back to bed. My contractions were getting closer together, more and more intense and very uncomfy. My partner started timing my contractions and they were 4 mins apart. The nurse came in and checked me and I was 5cm dilated =). She suggested I go back to the bath and during that time my contractions just got more and more intense and closer and closer together, the only pain relief I could have was the Gas which made me feel sick, so I refused it. I felt like I just couldn’t move and the nurses wanted me to get up on the bed which I felt like I just couldn’t do. I finally got to the bed and the nurse checked again to see if I had dilated anymore and I was 6cms. But within 20mins I needed to push.

The nurse was like, “No, No, No, you can’t push yet”. She checked again and was then like, “Right you can push. Your baby’s head is right there”. I think I pushed for an hour and she was out, I can’t believe how easy giving birth actually is, you hear so many bad stories about how horrible scary and extremely painful it is, but in all reality the whole process is Beyond AMAZING. I would do it all Again in a Heartbeat And Embrace Every Single Moment with Joy And Happiness. I love giving birth, also love having my baby here finally she is well worth the wait, I’m soooo in love and can’t wait to do it all Again.