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Easy first timer – Mother’s Day baby, by KRS50

I was 1 day overdue and the next day was mother’s day. My mum joked with me “Don’t have that baby tomorrow, I’m sleeping in”. Well of course that’s exactly what happened. I was awoken at 4am on mother’s day with a large hard thud in my belly. I thought “What the heck is that” and lay still to see if I could feel my bubba girl move…. Nothing, so I thought I would go to the toilet to see if that would get her moving. When I went to the toilet there was quite a bit of blood that came out. I was freaking out a little bit, but then noticed that there was now a pale pink liquid coming out now and figured that it was my waters that had broken, so I woke my husband and then rang the hospital. Because I was not having any contractions the hospital just told me to keep an eye out for foetal movements and to call back when I was having contractions.

Contractions started 10 mins after I hung the phone up. I hung around home for 5 hours just using the TENS machine and walking around the front yard to manage any pain then headed to the hospital when the pain started to get really intense and could not walk through contractions anymore. My contractions were 5 mins apart and got down to 2 mins apart when I left home. I had Jada 5 hours later at the private hospital just using the bath for pain management. She was born a healthy 8 pounds and 50 cm long.

I’m now pregnant with no. 2 and it will be interesting to see if I have another relatively easy birth again…. Here’s hoping!!!