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A little shaken up, by Liddy-lee

I was 14 days overdue when I went into labour. My pregnancy was full of doctors stressing that something would be wrong with my baby because I was so small. To add to it, I had a history of seizures. They decided to not give me the epilepsy drugs I used to be on, as I had been seizure free for well over 2 years; big mistake. I had spent all day up at the antenatal clinic on my 14th day over due. They told me to go home and pack my bags and get prepared because they were inducing me the next day at 6 in the morning. I got home, nervous but excited, and while packing my bags, I felt “forgetful”. I couldn’t remember what I was doing and suddenly I had a seizure. My partner was in the room thankfully, and had lots of knowledge on what to do. He said after my fit, I tried to get up and resume what I was doing like nothing had happened. The ambulance arrived shortly after and I was whisked away to hospital. Hubby was left to finish packing the bags as quickly as possible and met me up the hospital. My mum turned up to give support, and sent my partner to get himself something to eat, but while he was gone, I had yet another seizure. This one caused me to completely forget I was even pregnant. That was a shock when I looked down to a fully pregnant stomach that had appeared over night in my mind. My local hospital couldn’t cope with my situation (it’s a semi rural hospital) so they packed me with some anti seizure meds and I was taken to a bigger hospital a few hours away, though I was so out of it I don’t remember the trip or the day after. On the second day after my seizure, the doctors confirmed that I was stable and I was 5 cm dilated. So they decided to break my waters. I was induced at 4pm and in a vague blur of pain and screaming and confusion ( I was still very confused in my head because of the anti seizure meds) my tiny girl was born in only 3 hours. I was then put on my anti seizure pills for 3 months following the birth, and was also put on blood thinning needles as I have blood that tends to clot easily. It may have been a hectic blur, and my poor partner had a crazy amount of stress. He had never seen me have a fit; neither had my mother and both have said they never want to see it again. But despite all of this, I’m going in for round 2. I’m currently 23 weeks, and they are putting me on my anti seizure meds in a few weeks. Fingers crossed I can remember this birth more clearly and it will be seizure free. :)