Postnatal exercise

Postnatal exercise might be the last thing you feel like doing just after going through labour but it may help you more than you think. The good news is that you dont even have to go running or spend lengthy sessions in the gym. Gentle exercise has been proven to help you recover from childbirth more quickly and give you more energy.Experts recommend a gentle start to your postnatal exercise about 6 weeks about giving birth and you should concentrate on walking, pelvic floor exercises and some light abdominal work.

Emotions after birth

Birth can be a physically as well as emotionally draining experience. Often people focus on the physical exertions associated with labour with scant regard for the mental and emotional drain that bringing a child into this would can bring about and many mums can feel emotionally flat after birth. This is very common and for alot of women, it is their hormones at fault. For most new mothers these feeling pass and you are back to your normal self within a month or so.

Pelvic floor exercises after birth

Although the thought of talking about your post baby body makes most new mum’s uncomfortable, it can help to chat about it. The girls talk about their body image and what they really think of their post baby bodies.

We bring out into the open the common, yet unspoken, issue of incontinence affecting 1 in 3 Australian women. Don’t worry, it’s not all bad news there are ways to manage it and exercises you can do to help.

Postnatal emotional health

We know that becoming a parent brings many big life adjustments, and for some the transition from pregnancy to parenthood will be easier for some than others – for a whole range of reasons. Whilst the degree of adjustment and stress will vary from one person to another, so too will their access to practical and emotional support.

It is now well known, that the postnatal period is one of the most difficult for many women, and as a result, women are more likely to develop or experience mental health problems at this time in her life than any other. There are a range of different emotional and mental health problems that can arise – from stress to depression and anxiety. Whilst all of these conditions are common – they can be very serious of not identified and treated early. So getting help early is key.

Postnatal depression treatment

Learn about the common causes of depression in mums and ways to identify if you are at risk or are suffering from postnatal depression.

Brett Osmond, from the Huggies Book Club, brings in a few great titles for the mums. First, Brooke Shields recent release Down Came the Rain, which has received rave reviews and a great deal of publicity, in part because of the comments made by Tom Cruise about PND not being real.