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Reflux infants support association

Further Information and Support

Here are some organizations that may be able to offer you further information and support for you and your baby.

If you are concerned at all about reflux we do recommend that you speak to your Plunket Nurse or GP.

In addition you could talk to other parents on the Huggies Forum who are going through the same thing as yourself or ask our Reflux support consultant your question on our Huggies Help Panel.


Reflux Infants Support Association

Australian Breastfeeding Association

Families of Infants Reflux Support Association (F.I.R.S.A) Inc – Providing support for parents in SA and NT

  • Kelly (Salisbury) – (08) 8285 4968 OR 0401 241 562
  • Krista (Barossa) – (08) 8562 4082
  • Tammy (Klemzig) – (08) 8261 7635
  • Dawn (Evanston) – (08) 8522 5392


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For more information see Baby reflux or Baby care